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I have fully restored from That combined with an older/simpler version of that Grammar I have around, allowed me to restore sound to all pages except for a very few "newer" ones,  which were not found in the older version Grammar.

It's a pity for such an amazing site to not be easily available. Does anybody know how to reach out to Alan Aldawood to ask for permission to publish the restored site somewhere? If so feel free to private message me, or reply here if no sensitive data is involved.

It has all the copyright notices intact. Sound support is improved by playing sound inline, not by downloading the audio file. You just click the word/sentence and it is automatically spoken.

Copyright allows one to restore a personal copy for private use, but not to re-publish the site for everybody. Would be nice to be able to make it public, if permission granted.
Maybe the old domain name could also be resurrected.
The link doesn't work.
Thirdwoe, thank you for picking up on my post.

What I mean is that I restored the whole site for me *locally*. The site is an amazing work, such a pity for it to be lost.
Based on the Copyright Alan Aldawood placed on the site, it's ok to make a local copy for personal use. But it doesn't give me permission to publish the site myself. That's why I want to reach out to him for permission to publish the site somewhere for anybody to be able to access it.
I could probably buy that domain name and publish it under the same link. But it's not my work, I just restored/fixed it from

I suppose I would be within the limits of the copyright terms if I shared a copy with you privately, as long as you also keep it private. Ping me private if interested.


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