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Valuable sites for research?

Thoughts anyone?
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(02-22-2016, 05:05 PM)gregoryfl Wrote:

Thoughts anyone?

The Old and New Testament Peshitta, I have, but the main site proves to be more interesting.
The book section of the main site, , offers a large selection of books, mostly in in DjVu format. The following link will allow you to read those files.

For an English translation of the page, use the following link:

There is one long list of resources; the various sections include:

Bible, The Old Testament Apocrypha, New Testament apocrypha, Hebrew sources,
The works of the early Christian writers, Bible Studies, Dictionaries and textbooks,
Christology, early Christianity, ancient history, Sumerian-Akkadian monuments, Egyptology, Mandaean texts, Koran

It may be difficult to find what you want, so you should do a page search.

Enter Ctrl F to search the page. Then enter a search term i.e.
Grammar, Syriac, Aramaic, Peshitta

If someone was interested in Syriac grammar, here are some of the search results:

The elements of Syriac grammar, by G. Phillips
Syriac Grammar, by G. Phillips
Syriac grammar with bibliography, chrestomathy and glossary, by Eberhard Nestle
The supposed Hebraisms in the grammar of the Bibliocal Aramaic, by HH Powell
Leonid Griliches. Practical Course in Biblical Aramaic
A Grammar of the Aramaic Idiom contained in the Babylonian Talmud

You can never have too many (digital) books. Of course I can never find what I want.
That site has what looks like the 1905/1920 hybrid text for the NT to me. I can't open the files to check, but just look at the names there, G. H. Gwilliam and E. Pusey... if the text is from their editions, then this would be a non-Peshitta version produced in the West, and is a patchwork hybrid text, which has a number of later additions from the Greek version of the NT.

If anyone can open the NT files, just look at all the verses which are compared in the comparison thread I posted below.

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