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Luke 19:43 Interesting difference with Greek
The Aramaic Luke 19:43 has "enemies will surround Jerusalem and constrain it from every place."

The Greek Luke "enemies will pallisade, surround and constrain it from every place."

So, the Greek has an extra detail which might be explained that Luke was translated later than 70 to Greek, because according to the Aramaic, there is no mention of pallisading Jerusalem. It looks as if the translater knew what happened and added this detail (footnote).
It was a common practise to pallisade like Julius Ceasar e.g. did with the city Paris. So, if Jesus told such a detail, it even would not be a miraculous foreseen detail, since people could know how romans took cities.

Of course, it is possible that the Aramaic lacks this original detail but I doubt it.

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