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Ephrems quotations from the gospel by F.C. Burkitt
For those interested there is (apparently) and online copy of Burkitts book, Ephrems quotations from the gospel . It does seem to contain a few typos, but the whole book is scanned there as well, so im not sure if they are in the book or just in the file. You can downlad the scanned book as a PDF.
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It does contain some of the verses where Burkitt argued that Ephrem was quoting the OS or diatessaron against the peshitta, although I didn't see any word for word agreements of whole verses. Just words here or there that agreed or were closer to the OS or diatessaron.
Nothing I could see there was too convincing that Ephrem quoted the OS, although again I only briefly perused it. However if Ephrem is just paraphrasing and occasionally has a word or two that agree with or is closer to the OS, then this would fit nicely with the OS being the product of Rabbula.
The book is also interesting to see the reasoning used by Burkitt to wrongly argue that Rabbula produced the peshitta.

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