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Stephen Andrew Missick's Books

Here are four of Stephen Andrew Missick's books, along with D. Thomas Lancaster's: 'King of the Jews' book, and one long on my "to buy" list: 'The Church of the East, an Illustrated History', by by Christoph Baumer, and Mar Dinkha.

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These are all on one page, and that's how I copied them.

I've read ALL of Stephen Andrew Missick's books.

I just have ONE QUESTION, how in the world can he still believe that the GREEK N.T. came FIRST?

I reviewed his first book with my wife's Amazon ID.

The number of stars that I gave it was changed, I probably don't have to say HOW.

D. Thomas Lancaster's book is also SUPERB.

A really fine look at the Jewishness of Yeshua, and His Followers.

It's a tour de force, and Lancaster is a great writer!

If I was going to but one Missick's books, I'd buy 'Treasures of the Language of Jesus', FIRST, and see what you think.

It also incorporates his other two books, to a great degree.

Although his book on Maryam of Magadala is also really FINE.

There may be information about Maryam of Magadala in that book, especially of an Aramaic nature, that I've NEVER seen anywhere else.

I would really like to sit down and pick this man's brain, and just ask HIM......"How can you possibly believe in GREEK PRIMACY...........knowing all that you know??"

Wow, I just don't understand that at all!

Anyway, any of his books are GREAT, but they all need to be proof read for spelling and MANY, MANY typos.

I can pretty much excuse a typo or two on each page, but we're talking HUNDREDS of typos and spelling mistakes, in each of his books.

But if you can look over those, his books are well done, and very much in tune with this list!

Happy reading!


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