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Welcome To ALL Our New Members!
Welcome to ALL of the many new members that have recently joined ''.

I hope that Paul Younan will not mind that I'm sort of taking the place of 'A Welcoming Committee' here.

I've seen so many new names on the board lately, that I felt that I should step up to the plate and do this.

There is really a VERY warm and gracious bunch of people who inhibit this board and there are several authentic Aramaic/Syriac scholars here, that will usually be happy to answer any question(s) that you might have.

I'm ALWAYS amazed at the level of knowledge and expertise available here at

It's all here. Studies and dialogue about the P'shitta New Testament, and the very early Eastern Churches, as well as interesting dialogue about the 'Nazarenes' and First Century "Messianic Judaism".

The study of the Aramaic language with side studies that branch out into Hebrew language studies as well.

And much, much more!

I just LOVE this website, and sometimes it will sort of slow down, as it has lately, but take my word for it, there is NO OTHER website like it on the entire internet.

Anyway, we want to Welcome each and every one of you to!

Just make yourself feel right at home, and the only stupid question, is the one that's NOT ASKED!

From all of us, Shlama Akhi (Peace [be] unto you),

Albion, and all the other members of

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