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Does anybody know where you can get the raw Aramaic files for the Peshitto books: 2Peter, 2John, 3John, Jude & Revelation?

Is the reason that they are not available on this site because they are not considered originals, and are considered translations from greek texts?

Shlama John,

That depends on whom you talk to. Paul Younan
belongs to The Church of The east, which holds to the 22 book canon, excluding the five you mention. The Syrian churches hold the 27 book canon.
I disagree strongly with thos who say these books
in Aramaic are translations from Greek. The mss. in Gwynn's critical edition are very different from the Harklean Version (the version Thomas Harkel translated or revised from Greek in 616 AD.)

You can obtain this 27 book canon in critical editions in The 1905 Syriac NT, including Gwynn's edition above. I have the hard bound edition of American Bible Society's Syriac Bible, which includes also the OT Peshitta.
A computer edition of The same NT is available for The Online Bible and it is free. That is a great Bible program, by the way. It can search and display dozens of versions in parallel fashion simultaneously , and includes several Hebrew & Greek versions, as well as Latin , Aramaic, Arabic and many other languages.OLB uses Hebrew fonts for The Peshitta.
John Marucci also has the same edition displayed beautifully with vowel points in Estrangela.

His site is a daughter to

Go to :
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Dave Bauscher
Get my NT translations, books & articles at :
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I also have articles at

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