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Unknown - Ashuri - Estrangelo - HoffmanS - 03-01-2004

Shlama, Andrew Gabriel Roth,
At the beginning of Your book Ruach Qadim, You posted three different scripts.
What does this sequence mean?
Also, do You know what Aramaic scripts were existing in the Middle East around times
of Jesus Christ.
Yeasterday, I watched film The Passion of the Christ. They were talking in Aramaic language. Do You understand this language and what dialect did they use?
What script of the Aramaic did Jesus use?
This would be good idea to create Aramaic radio on the Internet and to make
the Peshitta audio files also to preserve a pronunciation of the language.
What do You think?

- Rob - 03-01-2004

Hoffman I think the Aramaic used at the time was Palestinian-Jewish Aramaic. It's letters are a little bit closer to hebrew than Syriac scripts but it still is the same language.

- HoffmanS - 03-04-2004

Thank You, Rob, for Your answer.
The rest of the forum looks boring.