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Single gospel harmony - Gentile - 02-24-2004

As some of you may know, I am very keen on the idea of the 4 gospels being woven into one continous reading, hence my interest in the diatessaron.

I have been entertained with the suggestion of a single chronological gospel in order of christ's life and timing of events. The only site I can find with some info is this:

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Can anyone here please tell me what they think of the chronology put forward by the author and also any other ideas on a single time-based gospel?

Thanks guys, Shlem.

- Dan Gan - 02-25-2004

Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum by Kurt Aland is a great piece of work but it is in Greek.

- Dave - 02-25-2004

Here is an interesting work:

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One of the more interesting works to look for is

The Liege Diatessaron

Edited with a textual apparatus by D. Plooij,
with the assistance of C A Phillips,
English translation of the dutch text by A J Barnouw.

It was made in segments, first starting in 1929, with the last installment of the work finished in 1970. It was one of the more interesting works I have picked up. Like most things, this is believed to have originally have an Aramaic background.

It has many interesting variants that other works do not have.