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- gbausc - 03-01-2004

Bar Khela,

The question should not be , "Can we honestly say..." , but did Jesus(Yeshua) honestly say this ? I believe Jesus did say this, and meant that a kidisha (holy one) does by nature what is holy and that one who is unholy does by nature what is unholy.

Mt 7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
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Other scripture confirms this idea; 1 John 3:8-9, Romans 6:2,
Romans 8:1-14 and many other passages.

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Dave B

- Rob - 03-02-2004

Good movie but perhaps my obsession with being true to history disappointed me a little. I think it was over devilized and Maryized, but otherwise a quality film.

The only thing I can see the ADL complaining about is the accusing joker at the temple with overly emphaisized semitic facial features. Otherwise this movie is more degrading to Romans <!-- s:bigups: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bigups.gif" alt=":bigups:" title="Big Ups" /><!-- s:bigups: -->

- gbausc - 03-02-2004


What history were you disappointed with?

Dave B

- Rob - 03-02-2004

Pilates' wife giving a towel to Mary to wipe up the blood from the scourging. Gentiles' liberal use of Latin as opposed to Greek or Aramaic when addressing Jews.

- anodize - 03-02-2004

Hi, I am surprised that so many of you are so supportive of the Aramaic in the movie. I guess folks are just happy to hear the language and to know that it's getting so much exposure. After all, if the Peshitta contains the Aramaic that Jesus spoke, why was there a need to hire Fulco to "reconstruct" the words of Jesus? They're already there in the Peshitta! For those who may know, how accurate was Fulco's reconstruction compared to the Peshitta? The fact that he needed to takes pieces from here and there, present and past, tells me that his reconstruction is probably off, compared to the Peshitta. For those that know, please inform us!

Mel Gibson movie "The Passion" - george - 03-03-2004

Victor Alexander's comments on this film is:

Quote:After seeing "The Passion of the Christ" tonight (February 27, 2004,) I realize now why this film is so terribly prejudicial toward the Jews. The movie is symptomatic of the way Western Christianity regarded the Jews during the Middle Ages, which I believe caused the genocide of six million Jews during the WW II era. This movie regards the Jews the same way even today. Moreover as an Eastern follower of the Messiah Eashoa I'm shocked to see the lack of recognition for the truth about the faith in the Messiah and the rejection of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures and how the movie blasphemes in the pronunciation of His words from the Cross, namely, "Eili, Eili, l'ma-na sh'wik-thani," which are rendered, "Ullahi, Ullahi, lema sabactani," and translated in error as, "My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me." Together with the falsehood against the Jews, this movie desecrates the memory of our Lord. As the movie is breaking attendance records, Christians of all denominations should ask themselves why is this film so popular and yet portrays the Jews with such prejudice?

And also an article in reaction toward this film is posted on:

Mel Gibson movie "The Passion" - george - 03-03-2004

Plus one more article:


- Rob - 03-04-2004

That's a very liberal review. Perhaps sobering to some :p. I already noted my own problems of it but I think going so far as to say the movie "rips open" old wounds is nonsense. He must have left before the Romans came in.

"Eshoa" is the true Aramaic word but the hebrew root, "Yeshua" is much more fitting to me, especially in light of the accusations against the film. People native to Israel are still named Yeshua and Yehoshua to this day.

Mel Gibson movie "The Passion" - george - 03-04-2004

As being recently "brainwashed" by our Brother Andrew Gabriel Roth,
my most preferrable written name now is Y'shua which can either be pronounced in Hebrew dialect as [Yay-shoo-wah] or in Galilean Aramaic dialect as [ea-shoo'].

yo-khan (george)

The Passion - gbausc - 03-05-2004


I saw The Passion of The Christ when it debuted. I want to convey how moved I was by the film. I have read and heard some of the criticisms and find them ridiculous.

This film transported me to another place and time; I felt afterward that I had truly witnessed the crucifixion of The Son of God. I have never had that experience personally before and therefore conclude that Mel Gibson is a genius of monumental proportions and/or was moved and inspired of God in its production and direction.

The medium of film has much more potential to influence people than mere written words or spoken words; It has the moving visual message as well. I believe the use of the original language (Aramaic) and solid historical context along with the Biblical text,
united with powerful acting and something intangible behind it all,
conspired to make this probably the most powerful movie experience ever produced.

I find myself drawn closer to that event and its meaning than ever, in an emotional and reflective manner. I feel that Gibson has come closer than anyone to constructing a working time machine than
anyone has imagined possible.

The spiritual lesson that impressed me was The Christ's love for His Father- the spirit of a servant's heart conveyed by Psalm 116:16 " O LORD, truly I am thy servant; I am thy servant, and the son of thine handmaid: thou hast loosed my bonds."Jesus utters this as he falls and struggles to pick up the cross again.

I believe the film amazingly conveys the heart of our Savior and God and His incredible humility and unselfishness and absolute bond and obedience to His Father.

That inspires me and endears Him to me again. My faith and love are renewed to a new level. I want to be more like Jesus; and I have stronger faith in His redemption of the world, considering the
agony God suffered to secure it.


Dave B

Mel Gibson movie "The Passion" - george - 03-07-2004

Qoute from <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Quote:The Aramaic in the movie "The Passion of the Christ" is faked, it's based on the modern Chaldean-Arabic version of the Scriptures.

- Dave - 03-07-2004

this sounds all to familiar. It's the same thing as someone buying a book and reading it then seeing the movie and not likeing the movie cause it was not close enough to the book.

He should know this sort of thing already. Makes me wonder if the guy is trying to make this out as if he only knows the better and is trying to cash in.

I think this guy should take a step back and look at the scope of things rather than be critical of one aspect. As far as I know, this movie is the first to win acceptance from not only us Christians, but also from the secular crowd, that speaks volumes on how truthful Mister Gibson followed his calling on this.

Mel Gibson movie "The Passion" - george - 03-07-2004

To Whom It May Concern (including Dave):


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Mel Gibson movie "The Passion" - george - 03-08-2004

To All of Us and myself:

This is the final article I am referring to --- and I think it's the most positive review I encountered so far, and I am sure Dave would love it:

And scroll to the bottom page, then click.

- Dave - 03-08-2004

Some interesting reviews there!

I haven't seen it yet, although I should. I do see the effects of it though! Seems that most of the non-Christians are up in arms about it while most of the Christian populace catches a unique insight to it. Very interesting!