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Dave, yer idioms - drmlanc - 11-01-2003

People are so addicted to this Peshitta stuff they are baying for more, particularly idioms. Got 12 handy? <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/happy.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->

Take your time, I have 3 others to compile first in the next few months.

- Dave - 11-02-2003

sure buddy, here some i found a while back:

Mt. 1:18 EN GASTRI EXOUSA: she having in the belly (=she was pregnant)
Mt. 3.8 POIEW KARPON: to make fruit (=to produce results)
Mt. 6:22 if your eye is good (=if you are generous)
Mt. 6:23 if your eye is evil (=if you are stingy)
Mt. 8:12 TO SKOTOS TO EXWTERON: the outer darkness [=a place which is dark and removed (from where righteous ones are)]
Mt. 10:27 what you hear in your ear (=what you hear in secret)
Mt. 10:38 he who does not take his cross (=be prepared to suffer, including die)
Mt. 11:15 whoever has ears, let him hear (=everyone should listen carefully)
Mt. 22:16 you do not look at the face of men (=you do not judge on the basis of external appearances)
Mt. 23:32 Fill up the measure of your fathers! (=finish what your ancestors began)
Mk. 1:32 those having badly (=those who were sick)
Mk. 2:19 sons of the groom (=guests of the bridegroom)
Mk. 3.21 hOI PAR' AUTOU: those beside him (=his family)
Mk. 9:1 taste death (=die)
Lk. 3:5 EIMI EIS "to be into" (=to change into)
Lk. 16:22 KOLPOS ABRAAM: Abraham's bosom (=be with Abraham, heaven)
Jn. 1:16 grace upon grace (=one blessing after another; blessed time after time)
Jn. 2:4 what to me and to you? (Hebraism; =what does that have to do with us?)
Jn. 9:24 DIDWMI DOXAN TW QEW: give glory to God (=promise under oath to tell the truth)
Jn. 20:26 Peace be to you! (=Hello; a literal Greek translation from the most common Hebraic greeting, "shalom")
Acts 11:22 News of this came to the ears of the church (=the church heard about it)
Acts 15:10 placing a yoke on the neck (=burdening with obligations)
Acts 17:21 doing/making time (=spending time)
Acts 18:6 Your blood be upon your heads! (=You yourselves must take the blame for it!)
Acts 18:14 to open the mouth (=to speak)
Acts 20:33 ARGURION KAI CRUSION: silver and gold (=money)
Acts 22:14 to hear the voice (sound) of his mouth (=hear him speak)
Acts 26:14 PROS KENTRON LAKTIZEIN: kick against the goad (=to hurt oneself by active resistance)
Acts 28:27 they hear heavily with their ears (=be slow to understand)
Acts 28:27 hear with their ears (reflects Hebraic "cognate" construction; =to listen intently)
Rom. 1:17 from faith to faith (=faith from start to finish; see Benware article in The Bible Translator journal for this meaning)
Rom. 12:9 AGAPH ANUPOKRITOS: let love be not speaking from underneath (a mask) (=love without hypocrisy)
Rom. 12:20 you will heap burning coals on his head (=you will be very kind to him)
1 Cor. 7:35 BROCON EPIBALW: throw a bridle on (=restrict, control, impose restrictions)
1 Cor. 14:9 EIS AERA LALOUNTES: talking into the air (=talking with no one understanding)
1 Cor. 15:40 SWMATA EPOURANIA: heavenly bodies (=celestial objects)
2 Cor. 3:18 are being transformed from glory to glory (=are becoming ever more glorious)
Eph. 1:23 the fullness of him who fills all in all (uncertain meaning)
Col. 1:23 hUPO TON OURANON: under the sky (=on earth)
2 Thess. 3:12 eat their own bread (=work for a living)
Heb. 8:9 I took them by the hand (=I carefully guided them)
Heb. 12:28 Let us have grace (=Let us be thankful)
James 1:23 TO PROSWPON THS GENESEWS AUTOU: the face of his birth (=his natural face)
James 3:6 TON TROCON THS GENESEWS: the wheel of birth (=the cycle of life)
1 Peter 1:13 gird up the loins of your minds (=prepare your minds for action)
Jude 13 hO ZOFOS TOU SKOTOUS: the gloom of darkness (=gloomy hell)
Rev. 16:3 YUCH ZWHS: living soul (=living creature)
Rev. 20:10 LIMNH TOU PUROS: lake of fire (=great expanse of fire, place of destruction)

Forgive the Greek there, I know you want to burn it heatmeister, heh, was something I downloaded quick and stored away. By the way, the more I looked at Lamsa's book on them, the more I don't like his protrayal of them. However good he was in other things, his understanding on them is out there in right field, so can't say I would recommend his book or trust his understanding of them. My 2 cents there bro.

Also, be careful of these here. I would sort through and see if they truely make sense. Some I can see that do and some seem far fetched.

- drmlanc - 11-02-2003

Thanks heaps, and yeah, Lamsa was known to invent idioms...

What do you mean you downloaded them? Where is this hidden treasure trove of examples?

- Dave - 11-02-2003

here is where those examples were:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

. - drmlanc - 11-02-2003

Ah,I thought you got them from your copy of Lamsa's book

- Dave - 11-03-2003

Naaa Chris, was going to, decided not to trust his intepretation of them.