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Division of Peshitta NT - drmlanc - 10-11-2003

How is it? Is it simply:

Gospels and Acts

General Epistles

Pauline Epistles

"extra 5" - what is the proper term for these 5?

- Paul Younan - 10-11-2003

Shlama Akhi,

The Peshitta canon is:

General Epistles (Yaqub, Keepa and Yukhanan)
Pauline Epistles

The 5 books are not included in the Peshitta canon.

. - drmlanc - 10-11-2003

Thanks, any particular reason why Hebrews is last? Is it the youngest from the 22? If so, that is very interesting indeed...

btw check your email, I have sent you the latest pdf