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Peshitta Apocrypha? - Seeker of the Truth - 05-31-2015

Shalaamu (Shlama) everyone,
     I've posted this several months ago, and it got lost (I pray I didn't offend anybody; my apologies ahead of time). Smile I have a Syriac version of 1 Maccabees extracted from the Peshitta, and I have several books on the Dead Sea scrolls which compared similarities between several passages in Tobit (= Tobijah) to the Peshitta version and the Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew/Aramaic original. So here's my question:

Is there a full text of the Syriac Apocrypha? Or doesn't an Apocrypha exist in the Peshitta?

Blessings to you in your studies.
Shalaamu (Shlama)

-- Seitz (הלתואם Hal-Tawʔam)