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Didache or Peshitta - TruthFinder - 08-16-2014

Was the Didache written prior to the Peshitta? What about the authenticity of the Didache and was it written before the close of the 1st Century?


Re: Didache or Peshitta - Luc Lefebvre - 08-18-2014

I don't think anyone knows for sure. According to Janet Magiera, there is consensus that the Peshitta was compiled by about the year 150. The Didache/Limuda is generally agreed to have been written or compiled by the end of the 1st century, or early to mid second century, making it's development around the same time that the Peshitta was being compiled, but likely being completed just before as far as evidence goes. But I don't think anyone can conclusively know for sure.