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Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Map - gregglaser - 02-28-2013

Here is a sword and shepherd?s staff that appears on the face of the earth when we draw a straight line beginning at the Temple Mount in Israel and in sequence through each of the assemblies (called ?lamp stands?) named in the Book of Revelation (use the literal Aramaic text, not a translation):

[Image: Sword-and-Staff-largeview.jpg]

In the image above, the straight red lines make a sword, and the straight brown lines make a shepherd's staff. Each angle or endpoint represents the center of a key location of one of the ancient cities according to my best research into antiquities. These maps are 2-d representations, though Google Earth Pro uses spherical geometry to calculate and compensate for constructs like distance, heading, and area.

My experience was that the key to finding this powerful image above was to use the Aramaic text of Revelation 2:12. The literal Aramaic translation of that lampstand is ?Pergama? (text reads: "prgma", pe-resh-gamel-mem-aleph). By contrast, the non-Aramaic translations I?ve seen read "Pergamon" ? I don?t know why that is. I just know that reading the literal Aramaic text (e.g., Gwilliam 1905 manuscript used by Janet Magiera, and Crawford manuscript used by David Bauscher) pointed me to the Pergama region on the island of Cyprus where Lazarus (from John chapter 11) lived after fleeing Israel (and Barnabas too incidentally), rather than the city of Pergamon in Anatolia where conventional Christianity points. So it was by this ?mistake? (me diverting from mainstream theology, which I tend to do a lot) that I plotted the ancient city of ?Pergama? in Cyprus rather than the similarly named city of ?Pergamon? in Turkey.

Keep reading, it gets more interesting too?

Consider what happens now if the straight line continues past Pergama. The answer is that a straight line from Smyrna (the 2nd assembly) through Perga (Anatolia/Turkey) and Pergama (Cyprus/Chittim), will bring you through ancient Sidon and exactly to the UN radar dome at the summit of Mt. Hermon. That?s pretty interesting, don?t you think?!

[Image: 3Pergamas-with-Mt-Hermon.jpg]

If you've never researched the history of Mt. Hermon (aka, Mt. Sion, or Sirion), I recommend it ? the history is extremely interesting and can get quite supernatural depending on what you're reading. For example, the summit of Mt. Hermon (called Ardis) is identified in the Book of Enoch 6:1-6 as being the place where fallen angels descended to earth before producing offspring called nephilim/giants. (See also Genesis 6). Having read some history on this topic, and seeing today the existence of Roman temple ruins next to the UN station, personally I do not expect many holy things to come from here at this age of earth's history, but rather dangerous and weird things.

In any case, back to the image -- tracking the other direction (northwest), this same line extends to a point directly north above Pergamon Anatolia on the exact perimeter of the red circle radius that makes up the line from Ephesus to Laodicea. I found that to be quite a ?coincidence? as well?
Here is a picture of the UN?s radar dome on Mt. Hermon: click here

Now, when I discovered this image by accident/fortune I began comparing these two similarly named cities: Pergama (Cyprus) and Pergamon (Anatolia/Turkey). I realized that while Pergamon in Turkey is a fine candidate to house the ?throne of satan? mentioned near the Revelation 2:12 assembly (i.e., Pergamon has the altar of Zeus and Serapis, and is close to the other assemblies), both Mt. Hermon in Israel and Pergama in Cyprus are powerful candidates as well -- here is the evidence in summary, beginning with the bible itself:
  • * The text of Revelation 2:12-17, ?And to the angel of the congregation in Pergama, scribe: Thus words he who has the sharp two-edged sword: I know where you inhabit ? the place of the throne of Satan: and you hold my name and deny not my trust: and in the days you contended and witnessed ? my own trustworthy ? because all my own witnesses are trustworthy ? who of you was slaughtered. But I have a little concerning you, having those there who hold the doctrine of Balaam who doctrinated Balak to place an offense in front of the sons of Israel ? to eat idol sacrifices and to whore. Thus you also have those who hold the doctrine of the Niqulita likewise. So repent: and if not I come upon you straightway and approach them with the sword of my mouth. Whoever has ears, hear what the Spirit words to the congregations: Whoever triumphs I give of the secreted manna: and give him a white quartz: and upon the quartz, a new name ? that scripture that no human knows ? except whoever takes.?
  • * Rev 2:13 says "I know where you inhabit - the place of the throne of Satan." Satan is described in Ezekiel 28:2-19 as being the king of Tyre with a seat in Tyre. Does that make Tyre the location of Satan's throne? What about Cyprus and Mt. Hermon? Well, Satan's throne is referenced in Isaiah 14:13 as "in the sides of the north." Cyprus, Tyre, and Mt. Hermon all fit the description of being off the side of Jerusalem and to the north. The bible also has many references to the direct relationship between Cyprus and Tyre, and especially Tyre and Sidon.
  • *According to the testimony recorded in Mark 7:24-30, ?the borders of Tyre and Sidon? is where Yahshua cast an unclean spirit out of a Canaanite woman. (See also Matthew 15:21 (?parts of Tyre and Sidon?)). And it is indeed on the border of Sidon that we find the red line in the image above first touching the coast above Sidon.
  • * It is well documented that there were Christians assembled in these areas in the middle of the first century. As for Cyprus in particular, Barnabas founded a church here (Larnica region) in approximately 46AD, and the Church of Lazarus (Agios Lazaros) was built here over the claimed tomb of Lazarus. In 890 AD, a tomb was found bearing an inscription that translated into English reads, "Lazarus, bishop of Larnaca. Four days dead. Friend of Jesus." In the account of the Lazarus (Aramaic = Lazar), the apostles misunderstood Yahshua?s words when he described Lazar as ?asleep?, until Yahshua spoke more clearly to them later. Part of the whole idea of revelation is that things are revealed in their due spacetime. This map of the sword and staff may be one of those revealed things that follows after a misunderstanding is cleared up.
  • * It is also significant that the island of Cyprus is referenced in the Book of Daniel (Daniel 11:30) as directly relevant in the end of the age, and also repeatedly throughout the bible. Indeed, in Genesis 10:4 we trace the roots of this Cyprus area (Kition) to Noah's descendants. For mapping purposes, Pergama Cyrus is located in the region known today as Larnaca, but the ancient Greeks knew it as the city of Kition. The biblical name Kittim is more familiar to history students, as it was generally used for Cyprus as a whole and by the Jews for the Greeks and Romans. In 58 B.C. Cyprus was annexed by the Roman Republic. So Pergama in Cyprus is from the ancient city in the area of Kition from which Cyprus derived its name. For example, see this ancient map here to read ?Pergama? on the southeast portion of the island near the coast: map, or <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. According to local legend, Pergama in Cyprus was named after the ancient Pergamon in Anatolia. See here.
  • *To confirm the historicity of this information about the Pergama name and date, I consulted a qualified Cyprus resident and professional researcher, and promptly received the following response, "Concerning the name Pergamos of the village about 12 klms from Larnaca to its North-East, I am sure that it has an Archaic (1000-500 b.C.) past, as almost all the local names in Cyprus. A nearby village at a distance of a few klms from Pergamos is called PYLA, which means the GATE and in reality it is the entrance from the south coast of Kition to the central plain of Cyprus, called MESAORIA, which means the plain between two mountain ranges, that of Troodos and that of Pendadaktylos range. The last name means the five fingers range, as it has five tops. Another nearby vilage is called Trouli and it means the hill-top and in reality it is at a hill overlooking all the Larnaca bay. In Archaic times, Truli village, which is reach in copper and other metals, was known for the cave of Ifestos (Olympic God of Metallurgy), still shown today and it was known as a watching post for the defence of Cyprus in the Byzantine period (400-1200 A.D.). There is no doubt at all that all above names, including Kition (now Larnaca) and Pergamos are the early Greek names of the area (1200 b.C.). All names mentioned are included in the Medieval (1500-1600 A.D.) maps of Cyprus, which are the erliest records we have. We have no other proof that these names are Archaic, except the roots of the words and their little history. It is very common in history to have same name of a place in Cyprus and Asia Minor, or Egypt, or mainland Greece. So, Pergamos in Turkey, which was a famous city starting in Archaic times, could have given its name at a place in Cyprus. Also, it could have been an Egyptian influence of the time as Pergamin was a type of early paper produced there, or it could be for a different reason we can not know. One thing is sure, Pergamos is not a Turkish word, it is much much older that the Turkish language itself, which was formulated a 5-7 centuries A.D."
  • * ?The territory of Tyre and Sidon was its ancient border on the northwest; the range of the Libanus and Antilibanus forms a natural boundary on the north and north-east; while in the south it is pressed upon by the Syrian and Arabian deserts. Within this circumscribed district, such were the physical advantages of the soil and climate, there existed, in the happiest periods of the Jewish nation, an immense population.? A Biblical and Theological Dictionary: Explanatory of the History, Manners of the Jews and Neighboring Nations, By Richard Watson, p. 208. (1832). Just for perspective, notice how this author compares Tyre to London: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... hrone.html</a><!-- m -->
  • * Note that in Rev 2:14, it says, ?But I have a little concerning you, having those there who hold the doctrine of Balaam who doctrinated Balak to place an offense in front of the sons of Israel ? to eat idol sacrifices and to whore.? The connection to Balaam and Balak here is that in Numbers 22 we read about Balaam, Balak, a sword, and a staff. Balaam?s story also incorporates the numbers three and seven (compare here, where we are discussing the third assembly of seven total). And note also that Balaam was at a wall in the mountains when he struggled with the angel ? the correlation is that this UN station is in the mountains right at the border (?wall?) between Lebanon and Syria. Balaam was eventually killed by the sword (Num. 22:23, 31; 25:5; 31:8). Cyprus can also be found in Balaam's seventh prophecy (Numbers 24:23?24), concerning the "ships of Kittim" coming from the west to attack Assyria and Eber. Recall the Book of Daniel's prophecy about the ships of Kittim. Again, these are just some of the connections/coincidences I?ve found in this line of research.
  • * In Revelation 2:18, the messiah is described as having feet like Lebanese brass, and an alternate translation of the text (u rgluhy nksha l bnia) is ?and feet like copper to the builder?). This new map research puts the foot of the staff in Lebanon after going through Cyprus, which was also called copper island. Copper mining was basically a monopoly in Cyprus during the 2nd century B.C., and for these reasons all the important civilizations of the area took great interest in Cyprus. Source: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="!articles">!articles</a><!-- m -->, Source: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

The Book of Revelation references the two-edge sword repeatedly (Rev 2:12, 2:16, 19:15, 19:21). And the shepherd's staff is also connected with the messiah Yahshua. (See e.g., John 10:11, "I am the good shepherd..."). Note that the Aramaic word for 'rod' (wbya or shavta) can also be translated 'staff', which is especially important here because Rev 19:15 describes the two terms together (two edge sword and rod of iron). For more on the rod of iron, see Rev. 5:5, 11:1, 12:5, 19:15, and 21:12; and see also Psalm 2 and 23:4, Jer 1:11 and 48:17, Gen 30:37-41 and 32:10, Isa. 10:5, Exodus 4:2-4, 7:8-24, 21:20, Judg. 6:21, , Numbers 17:1-10, 22:27, Prov 13:24.

What does all this mean? Well, one place to start would be Ezekiel 20:37-40 (Young's Literal Translation), ?I will make you pass under the staff, and will bring you within the bond of the covenant. I will purge out the rebels among you, and those who transgress against me; I will bring them out of the land where they reside as aliens, but they shall not enter the land of Israel. Then you shall know that I am the Lord. As for you, O house of Israel, thus says the Lord God: Go serve your idols, everyone of you now and hereafter, if you will not listen to me; but my holy name you shall no more profane with your gifts and your idols. For on my holy mountain, the mountain height of Israel, says the Lord God, there all the house of Israel, all of them, shall serve me in the land; there I will accept them, and there I will require your contributions and the choicest of your gifts, with all your sacred things.?

The key point I'd like to emphasize here is that Mt. Hermon is underneath the messiah?s staff in this image, not above it. So, if/when fallen angels descend again upon Mt. Hermon, remember this map evidence helps further prove what the trustworthy already know: the messiah rules all who pass under his staff. A fallen being (whether he calls himself an angel or alien) might be able to make a crop circle or fly a spaceship, or teach sorceries and wield tetrahedrons, but these are just transient powers. YHVH gives powers and YHVH can take away those powers. YHVH controls all of these sagas in order to create and enforce beauty and justice and salvation, and life and death. The way I see the evidence, YHVH carved this particular saga for our generation and provides evidence like the above on the earth for our edification.

Indeed, in the big picture, I've come to expect we are looking at clocks and complex geometries embedded where the Book of Revelation points. As here for example, the distance between the Temple Mount and Ephesus is 618 miles, which is significant because the golden ratio (phi) is .618. The golden ratio is found throughout life on earth and in the universe. Indeed, I found this designation of phi in this sword and staff image to be an open invitation to calculate the angles and find polygons. It?s an exciting research project!! And here is what I?ve found preliminarily - the golden mean (phi) spiral overlays well onto the sword and staff, as these four representative examples show:

[Image: Temple-Mount-Phi-Sword-Staff.jpg]

[Image: Temple-Mount-Phi-Pyramid-Sword-Staff.jpg]

[Image: phi-spiral-Patmos-TempleMount-Pyramid.jpg]

[Image: Pyramid-Petra-Phi-Spiral.jpg]

And here is some other mathematical research I completed on phi and the Book of Revelation that really just scratches the surface of these codes in the scripture: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 30062.html</a><!-- m -->

Another interesting one is that when the distance between the first assembly (Ephesus) and the seventh assembly (Laodicea) is the radius of a circle, then Laodicea finds itself at 3:14 (pi) on the clock. Note of course that these assemblies of people would cover pretty large areas on the ground -- logically much larger than the narrow epicenter points.

[Image: Sword-and-Staff-with-pi.jpg]

[Image: 220px-Golden_triangle_%28math%29.svg.png]

What else about the great pyramid of Giza (which is highlighted at Isaiah 19:19 as a sign throughout the ages)? Well, the distance from the great pyramid of Giza to the UN Radar Dome is 365.07 miles.

[Image: Hermon-to-Giza-365.jpg]

Given two circles: (1) epicenter of Temple Mount and radius ending at the great pyramid of Giza, and (2) epicenter of the great pyramid of Giza, and radius ending at Temple Mount. This creates a vesica pisces of course. What is interesting is that the line that goes through the two apexes continues directly to Thyatira (the fourth assembly named in Revelation 2:18-29). Thyatira is at the top of the shepherd?s staff in our image. The text of Rev 2:27 promises this assembly ?And he who overcomes and keeps my works I will give to him authority over the nations to rule them with a rod of iron and as vessels of a potter they will be broken. For thus I received from my father.? Again, remember that in Aramaic ?staff? and ?rod? are the same word.

[Image: Vesica-Pisces-Thyatira.jpg]

Next, to show the phi ratio (1.618) we map two vesica pisces through the gold point method (epicenters Temple Mount and Giza Pyramid)

[Image: multiple-vesica-thyatira.jpg]

Here are the interesting findings for our map: (1) the perimeter of the large northern circle (epicenter of Temple Mount) runs right through Laodicea, (2) The golden ratio point lands almost exactly on the edge of the sword, (3) the straight line (green) through the nexuses of the vesica pisces runs directly to Thyatira, and (4) the northwestern nexus point hitting the phi ratio is precisely 100 miles from Thyatira (which is also 123 miles from the cave location on Patmos where John was exiled, 80 miles from Ephesus, 70 miles from Sardis, 50 miles from Philadelphia, and 24 miles from Laodicea).

[Image: hofstetter2002.gif]

The distance between the Temple Mount and Great Pyramid is 273.5 miles. When we create the vesica pisces, we have two halves with a midpoint of 136.75. This appears significant as the fine structure constant (alpha) is 1/137. This number helps measure the strength of an electromagnetic interaction.

[Image: Vesica-Pisces-near-137-line-segments.jpg]

The distance between the epicenter of Laodicea and ancient Babylon = 816 nautical miles. 816 x phi (.618) = 504.315 miles. The 504 relationship was highlighted by researcher David Flynn in a post (click here) regarding the earth, the moon, and the great pyramid. The distance between the ruins of ancient Babylon and Temple Mount = 541 miles. This is also the distance between eastern Laodicea (2.60 miles from the eastern amphitheater ruins) and the Temple Mount.

[Image: Moriah-Laodicea-Babylon.jpg]

All together (541 + 541 + 816) these three numbers total 1898. If we multiply this by the decimal of the natural number e (137), the result is a symmetrical 260.0260 (1898 x .137 = 260.0260). The number 260 is the answer to the famous mathematical problem of the 8x8 square?
Naturally, trying to find all the connections and possible connections here feels like an insurmountable task, and from my perspective it certainly is. How am I going to map out dodecahedrons without exact coordinates, and what I am supposed to do with the information that Beruit (just above Sidon) was once named Laodicea around 140BC?

Compelling evidence shows that YHVH controls the mathematics of our world and beyond. Rather than being limited, the evidence shows that YHVH can occupy multiple times and locations (spacetimes) at once in order to give separate and/or overlapping meaning to those events. Applying that logic here, Pergamon Anatolia looks important, just as Pergama Cyprus looks important. They each have relative meaning, and we humans have mathematical and logical tools to search out those meanings. And the very process is a joy, especially when we trust that Yahshua the messiah has already conquered the world! (John 16:33).

The evidence shows the Book of Revelation can be read like a spacetime clock pointing at the higher dimensional: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ation.html</a><!-- m -->

It is a blessing and a gift just to be alive and to witness these spacetime joys and parallels. We have also received the benefit of YHVH?s prophets who are trustworthy witnesses to YHVH?s ability to predict, set, and control spacetime. In my opinion, as we enter the age of extraterrestrial influence, we can take solace that our world remains still under YHVH?s dominion. The bible states that YHVH creates good and evil (see e.g., Isaiah 45), and YHVH keeps in check the great Satan and the fallen beings who walk amongst men. We can find some of their histories in the bible?

The book of Genesis (Chapter 6) describes the first encounter with fallen angels. It began with ?friendly contact? and ?learning about earth?s mysteries? as the fallen angels had a great deal of sophisticated information to share. But in the end, the result was moral corruption and destruction. A similar sentiment is found in the Book of Enoch.

Learn also from Moses in the Exodus ? The Pharaoh?s sorcerers went tit-for-tat with Moses in order to test Moses and the Jewish people. First the staff of Moses turned into a snake, and the Egyptian sorcerers somewhat matched that marvel because they possessed the power to do so. Then water was turned to blood, and the Egyptian sorcerers were able to match that marvel also (again, to a lesser degree), because they had the power to do so. Personally, I expect fallen ones to have powers just as Satan has powers. I recommend that we not be persuaded just by the power and signs. Crop circles can be presented as a fine example, as are the apparent ability of some UFOs to travel at warp speed.

The lessons we can learn from reading about Noah and Moses include that it is not power alone that should impress us, but rather virtue. If you focus properly on YHVH, your strength will grow toward YHVH. If you focus on alien powers and signs like a whore looking for the next big thrill (sign), you will give your strength to alien powers. Similarly, if you focus your energy on the commandments of Yahshua to respect and love the Father, and to show that trust by loving and helping others (as for example by caring for the needy), then you can expect to reap what you sow in a positive way. And if you focus your trust on gaining extraterrestrial technology and restructuring your DNA and so forth, you can read what will happen to you because the same thing happened to many dead men before you.

Indeed, according to the prophecy in the Book of Revelation, there will be fallen angels at the end of our age, and there will be signs. Daniel too distinguished between the ?sons of men? and the ?inhabitants of the earth?. I would consider it wise to not be too impressed by the powers of any extraterrestrial (whether they claim to be an alien or an angel), but rather the key is to understand that what is happening here on earth is prophesied ? man is receiving the wrath of YHVH for our sins. And thank goodness justice will be done in this world of organized crime through military-industrial-pharaceutical-agricultural-economic-political complexes!

Therefore, I recommend following Yahshua, as the gospel specifies that he has the truth, and that trusting him and obeying his law is the way to be reconciled with the Father for our generation.

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - distazo - 03-01-2013


Interesting stuff you have been digging up! Peshitta also reveals that Paul did not land on the Island Malta (Acts 28:1) but at Militi in Greece an Island at the west-coast (Kefalonia). Indeed, many cities have a duplicate name somewhere else in the world and this was no difference in the first century.
About the image of the sword and the staff. I guess it cannot be co-incidence, but would the Lord expect us to find such knowledge or is it co-incidence?

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - gregglaser - 03-01-2013

distazo Wrote:Hi!

Interesting stuff you have been digging up! Peshitta also reveals that Paul did not land on the Island Malta (Acts 28:1) but at Militi in Greece an Island at the west-coast (Kefalonia). Indeed, many cities have a duplicate name somewhere else in the world and this was no difference in the first century.
About the image of the sword and the staff. I guess it cannot be co-incidence, but would the Lord expect us to find such knowledge or is it co-incidence?

Thanks distazo, and I think you're asking the right question too about coincidence. Personally, I see so many 'coincidences' in my research and life experiences (especially lately) that I feel it would be illogical for me personally to reason this world is governed by mere happenstance. Sounds like you would agree for your own experiences as well. Here are some helpful bible quotes in support:
  • Matthew 10:30, "And of you, even the hairs of your head all of them are numbered."
  • Proverbs 25:2, ?The honor of Elohim is to hide a word; and the honor of sovereigns to probe a word.?
  • Matthew 13:52, ?And he words to them, because of this, every scribe discipled to the sovereigndom of the heavens is like a man ? a lord of the house who ejects from his treasure new and antiquated.?

Thanks also for your insight on Kefalonia in the Book of Acts. With the right goggles on, comparing different places is often really interesting - for example one question that occurred to me with regard to the sword and staff above concerns that excerpt from Acts when Barnabus and Shaul parted ways in Cyprus because of a dispute about John Mark. Because Lazar was living in Cyprus I wonder if he was involved in the dispute as well? In any case, I think I recall it was (shortly?) after using spiritual power to blind a man that Shaul traveled in the direction of Tyre and Sidon (toward Satan's throne on Mt. Hermon?), while Barnabas theoretically stayed along the shepherd?s staff in the image. I'm reminded that light travels all possible paths ? such is the inherent nature of probability evidenced by QED. And theoretically, our free will allows us to focus on any probabilities we choose to be our reality. As you rightly pointed out, there are many different locations on earth with the same name. I reason this provides us with mental exercises in probability theory and more when seeking out codes in the bible. So much of the bible I've found is pointing at probabilities and the properties of light - for example, here is some code work I did recently by applying simple quantum electrodynamic techniques (explained by Richard Feynman) to the Aramaic text of Revelation 12 -- it reveals a peace sign mathematically in the text where the literal words are describing a woman fleeing into the wilderness to find peace: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... #p11990822</a><!-- m -->

[Image: PA-60-Rev12-1260-690.jpg]

[Image: peace-symbol-rev12-clock.jpg]

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - distazo - 03-04-2013


How do you deal with this verse?

Revelation 1:4
It explicitly states that the 7 congregations are in Asia.
Now to position Pargama in Cyprus, would cause a contradiction with 1:4. ???
[Image: Asia_SPQR.png]


Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - gregglaser - 03-04-2013

distazo Wrote:Greg,

How do you deal with this verse?

Revelation 1:4
It explicitly states that the 7 congregations are in Asia.
Now to position Pargama in Cyprus, would cause a contradiction with 1:4. ???


Thanks for your question, distazo.

Geographers confirm Asia includes the middle east -- both historically and today, Cyprus has been considered by government authorities and mapping authorities to be part of Asia and/or Europe. In this manner it has been called the 'land of paradox', and I'll venture that dichotomy fits logically with the symbolism and unveiling of this sword and staff image. Consider also that the Aramaic text of Revelation provides two 'different' names for this assembly: "prgmus" (Pergamus) in Revelation 1:11, and "prgma" (Pergama) in Revelation 2:12. It seems to me that the text is literally inviting us to contrast different places/theories. This brings us again to the greater concept of probability.

[Image: two-slit-experiment-photon.jpg]

An important clue to the location of this assembly is found in Revelation 2:13, "I know where you inhabit, the place of the throne of Satan". This verse is telling us that Yahshua knows the location and meaning here. Personally, I just know that searching out the mystery is fascinating. For example, is 'kursih stna' referring only to Satan the dragon, or might we also be able to interpret it with introspection as a 'throne of accusation'?

If not for the reference in Revelation 1:4 to the assembly being in Asia, as you correctly pointed out, we could broaden the search to an even wider geographic area. I could then theorize the throne of Satan to be located in the city state of Rome, the seat of the murderous papacy; or perhaps the city state of London, whose symbol is the red dragon. I think Cyprus and/or Mt. Hermon are the best candidates though, in Asia, based on the information available. In any case, the Book of Revelation has more dimensions than appear visible to us at first. As an example, remember how the angel in Revelation 11:8 describes the one place with two names where "their Lord was crucified" (ayka d mrhun aztlb) - it is described as "the city great that is called spiritually Sodom and Egypt" (mdynta rbta ayda d mtqrya ruknayt sdum u mzryt).

Another example: many Christians have stumbled in presuming there is a contradiction in the translated text of John 1:28 (Bethany and the crossing of the Jordan). But a reading of the literal Aramaic text, letter-for-letter, unlocks the logic of the text and opens up new possibilities.

[Image: feynman1.png]

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - distazo - 03-04-2013

I am not a scientist as you seem to understand nature laws.
But could it be e.g. the city built on 7 hills/mountains can mean both Jerusalem and Rome?

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - gregglaser - 03-05-2013

distazo Wrote:I am not a scientist as you seem to understand nature laws.
But could it be e.g. the city built on 7 hills/mountains can mean both Jerusalem and Rome?

Hi distazo, thanks for your follow-up question. Yes, I think it is possible. The ancient city of babylon brings to mind things like false gods, sin, economic domination, and enslavement of the Jewish people.

So to answer your question, let's begin with the literal Aramaic text -- the phrase in question is not 'Babylon' (bbyl), but rather "Babel the Great" (bbyl rbta) -- this text of Revelation (e.g., Rev. 14:8, 16:19, 17:2) highlights an enlarged or different Babel than the ancient city mentioned in the old testament.

And to what might we analogize this leavened body of bbyl? Well, many things, but one particularly pervasive phenomenon we see in the world today is corporatism ? it?s where an artificial body gains sizable power or leverage over a living body. At the governmental level, the word Fascism was popularized to describe what is happening between corporations and people and governments, but the legal and spiritual meaning goes much deeper I think.

If I had access to the most ancient religious archives (most of which are apparently kept secret at the Vatican incidentally), I suppose I would not be surprised to find some ancient legal documents showing that the City of Rome is actually an extension of the City of Babylon. We could possibly say the same for ancient Jerusalem though -- consider examples such as the Babylonian king Cyrus issuing an official decree permitting the Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild their temple. Did that decree of Babylonian sovereignty create a Babylonian temple in Jerusalem?

And modern Jerusalem too is traceable to Rome and Babylon, through Britain... the evidence suggests that modern day Israel emerged out of Britain when the British military 'won' Israel around 1917, and then turned it over to 'Jewish' authorities in 1948. And how is Britain just another piece/head of Rome? For starters, the City of London (established in approximately 55 B.C.) was one of the ancient Roman provinces. Even after the Treaty of Verona approximately 1,260 years later (in 1213), we can read in the Magna Carta at section 13, ?And the city of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs, by land as well as by water.? That's a sovereign reservation for the Roman city of London, don't you think?

One unique thing about Rome is that it shows a modus operandi of imposing its law atop the conquered society in some manner, almost like a virus (think corporatism) on a host. Rome attached itself to Jerusalem when it presided over the crucifixion of Yahshua before usurping Yahshua's message and proclaiming the "Holy See" the spiritual leader of the world, and other blasphemies.

But personally, I would venture there is not a single independent researcher today who could honestly and logically determine whether the British monarchy or Zionist powers have been secretly subservient to the Catholic Church. As just one example, what records do we have of secret meetings that preceded the Magna Carta legal precedents of the 13th century? Secret records remain secret because the nature of this world tends to allow great darkness in man's institutions, and confusion. But let's just say hypothetically that we did somehow answer our legal question today (regarding who is subservient to whom) with sufficient confidence; even then we'd still need to ask -- where did Rome come from?

We can see that entire books have been written about how Roman armies conquered Greece, but Greek culture conquered the Roman people. Is that the defining principle to interpret the city identified in Revelation - culture wars? And where did Greece come from? As scholars, our research circles ever closer to ancient Babylon if we desire it too, but it?s still mysterious. As the corporate body example shows, we can do a legal analysis of official records with regard to Rome, or London, or Jerusalem, or Babylon. But at the end of the day, it's going to be an imperfect analysis - it's going to be mysterious just as the Book of Revelation states it is. So, perhaps we are supposed to let it be mysterious as we study it. Quantum mechanics is mysterious too even as we study it in detail.

I think this is really important research too for people seeking redemption, lest we later marvel at the answer at the end of the age - remember Revelation 17:8, "kyuta dkzyt aytyh hut ulytyh atyda dtsq mn yma ulabdna azla untdmrun amry al aria hnun dla ktybyn shmhyhun bspra dkya mn trmyth dilma dkzyn kyuta daytyh hut ulytyh uqrbt".

Personally I think Jerusalem's entanglement with Rome is the most mysterious piece of the puzzle -- it's elusive because of the scarcity of records, the time gaps and dualities of its nation status, and the special priestly dimensions that cross-over into the study of its law.

Revelation 17:5 says that it is written on her forehead, ?Mystery Babel the great mother of harlots and of abominations of the earth? (arza bbyl rbta ama dznyta udsuybyh daria).

I think if we look at Rome alone, without looking at Jerusalem, we'll miss the bigger picture. With that said, my analysis is that Rome is hands down the most likely candidate to represent the full splendor of Babylon the great, both historically and today, given the description of the city identified by John in Revelation 17:18, ?And the woman whom you saw the great city which has dominion over the kings of the earth? (uantta ayda dkzyt mdynta rbta ayda dayt lh mlkuta al mlkyh daria). It even seems a bit obvious at times where the Book of Revelation is referring to the harlot by referencing:
? clothed with purple and scarlet
? and the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride will not be heard in you any more
? drunk from the blood of the holy and from the blood of the witnesses of Yahshua
? the waters that you saw on which the harlot sits are nations and multitidues and peoples and languages
? And the ten horns that you saw of the creature will hate the harlot and they wil make her desolate
? she glorified herself and was arrogant
? in her heart she said 'I sit a queen and I am not a widow and I will see no sorrow'

To draw this conclusion of probability (that Rome is the best candidate), we can examine the evidence that the City of Rome is far more pervasive both historically and today than what is acknowledged in conventional media and history books, as for example where certain Jesuit Hierarchies operate militarily to institute and overthrow governments, and economically to manage enough assets (primarily through holding companies) to virtually direct worldwide commerce and industry across generations, and religiously as Catholic Church dogma is so pervasive that many religious people today (especially Protestants) don't even realize they are virtual embodiments of Catholic dogma, which itself is rife with Babylonian ritual cross-over. On some level it's difficult to make the same claims for Jerusalem, although it can be done if we focus on the evidence that the real fountainhead of Catholicism is the occult-seeking 'Jewish' priest.

As I've written, "In the big picture, there appears to be an innumerable amount of unholy alliances and conflicts between the international bankers, the aristocratic Zionists, the Catholic hierarchy, the English crown, and all manner of secret societies within these groups, not to mention oppressive military regimes all over the world. All these roads lead to destruction and accusation. And each of these groups produces disinformation agents willing to point the finger at each other where convenient. The resulting confusion and chaos never settles in any generation, because the complex powers that create chaos also profit from chaos. Disorder, riots, and armed revolution all lead to false solutions - more war, more oppressive laws, and more resource domination by the wealthy. And sadly, this whole research subject of organized crime often gets thrown into the 'conspiracy theory' bin."

However, I also maintain that my analysis of this mystery might be likened to being able to identify that the equation E=mc2 is a key to explaining mass-energy equivalence. Just being able to say the equation outloud doesn?t mean I actually understand mass-energy equivalence, the physics behind the equation. And even for scientists who claim to understand the physics today, I could posit alternative foundational frameworks to them such as: what if E = mc2 was ?dimensionally dependent? rather than ?dimensionally consistent?, where energy is a factor of probability, and where p(x,y,z) is a matrix direction that any given particle ultimately chooses on this 3-D plane, inside a greater geometric universe such that energy?s form (the path it travels to embed/occupy a geometric shape) becomes the defining characteristic of its movement (our ability to predict how the wave/particle moves) and its quantifiable value of energy as it travels and interacts with other bodies that in turn determine its very probability? And yet still, where does the energy come from? Imbalance? Genesis 1 refers to something without form until El entered. Ask any scientist, what was it like when YHVH founded the earth? Job 38:4. How much do we really know, right?

[Image: earth_dodecahedron_pentagram_phi.jpg]

We may discover some things about mystery Babylon here on earth, but I?ll venture it is likely to remain a mystery on certain levels from the perspective of this plane of spacetime. Perhaps that is why John explained literally in Revelation 17:3 what he saw spiritually, ?And he led me to the wilderness spiritually and I saw a woman who was sitting on the red creature that was full of the names of blasphemy that had seven heads and ten horns? (uapqny lkurba bruk ukzyt antta dytba al kyuta sumqta dmlya shmha dgudpa dayt lh rsha shbia qrnta dyn asr).

The mystery of Babylon is interesting but dark. Compare the really beautiful mystery of light in the seven lampstands -- I hope for Yahshua to teach the redeemed some day if/how/why they sing together in seven colors through the unfolding of earth's spacetime like a scroll...

[Image: Thrive_PrintStill_120302_TorusEquation.jpg]

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - gregglaser - 03-12-2013

Because Revelation 1:4 states that the assemblies are ?in Asia? (b asya), we have the opportunity to deduct something logical -- if conventional Christianity locates all the assemblies in Anatolia (modern day Turkey), why does the literal text direct us to the larger area of ?Asia? and not the specific area of Anatolia? I think it's a valid question, and this 'sword and staff map' provides evidence of an answer ? when conventional Christianity strayed from the literal text of Revelation, it strayed from the protection of Yahshua?s sword and staff.

To my thinking, the sword and staff can represent the dichotomy of division and unity. Just as YHVH brings destruction (the sword) on evil deeds, he also provides peace (the staff) for positive deeds. The idea that the sword divides among the seven churches and the staff shepherds among them can be a reflection of the conflicts of organized religion in the last 2,000 years. Consider the evidence where ruling factions in history are either funded or kept in check by the Roman Catholic Church, and how that one massive church seems to hijack the talents and benevolence of its virtuous people and then pimp them into dogmatic rituals and divisions toward some never-ending pursuit for profit out-of-chaos (where certain people, especially powerful men, seek ever more power and plunder).

Likewise, the early 'Christian' churches killed each other over the trinity doctrine, even oscillating over it as time passed, and this consolidated power in the Catholic Church that promised reconciliation (even though some evidence shows it may have orchestrated or encouraged the very dispute from which it claimed to offer sanctuary). And Muslims and Christians have killed each other over countless land disputes and Abrahamic lineage doctrines (I imagine many of the people who fought these ?holy wars? must have been very angry, and powerful men were able to set up empires accordingly). And for as long as there have been Protestants, we have seen Catholics and Protestants killing and persecuting one another (and themselves from faction to faction) over dogma. For example, compare the protestant view of Catholic inquisitions with the Catholic view of Protestant inquisitions. To my perspective, there is also a man-made sword of religious division in this world that is the antithesis of ?love thy neighbor?.

Yet I?ll venture that in the last 2000 years a small contingent of non-dogmatists have lived on earth and triumphed because of the saga - daring to think freely and to follow the golden rule, choosing radical peace even in the face of radical violence. I?m sure I?m mistaken in my interpretations on more levels than I understand, but at the very least, I do like to hope that peaceful and loving people have existed here on earth, and their stories will be revealed in ways we can?t even yet imagine in the age to come. Consider for example this mathematical connection that occurred to me recently between the golden ratio (phi) and Lazarus in John 11?
  • 15 stadia (astduta) is referenced in John 11:18 as the distance between Yahshua and Lazar.
    15 stadia = 9900 feet.
    9900 feet x the golden ratio phi (1.618) = 16018.
    16018 is symbolic for phi going dead (0 in the middle), then coming back to life. In the gospel of John at chapter 11, Yahshua stayed with Lazar for 2 days while he was alive, then Yahshua departed to Judea and Lazar died, and then when Yahshua returned so did Lazar because Yahshua called him out from the house of the grave.

[Image: fringe_horn_embed.png]

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - gregglaser - 12-16-2013

Curious that the two-edged sword is pointed so it looks just like light shining through an open door, the very thing described in Revelation 4:1 after the seven assemblies receive their message?

[Image: open-door-angle.jpg]

I live in a geodesic dome with large triangle windows facing north-south. Earlier this year I was standing in my living room when I noticed the morning sunlight coming through one of these windows naturally forming the shape of the shepherd?s staff described in this post. I felt this was a gift from YHVH to assist my research...

I recognized the shape immediately and it occurred to me that morning: this two-edged sword & shepherd's staff that appears on the face of the earth is actually pointing toward something higher-dimensional. Thus began my quest to use modern software to reverse-engineer the 3-d cause of the 2-d sword & staff image.

This work is based on computer modeling but the breakthrough really came from two vivid dreams I had in August about a doorway to a garden and a shepherd?s staff as the key to the door. In one dream I was studying Aramaic with my Concordance ? that was the first and only time I?ve ever dreamt in Aramaic (didn't feel supernatural, but rather very natural). When I woke up after the Concordance dream I felt it was a small sign that Alha is approving of my studies here.

So today after many months of research I?m pleased to report my findings exclusively here at the sword & staff appears on the face of the earth when we shine sunlight through two specific shapes at a precise time and location on earth. Awesomely:

[Image: sword-staff-outline-aerial3-1.jpg]
[Image: sword-staff-outline-frontal3-1.jpg]
[Image: close-up-head-sword-staff-1.jpg]

These images show that the two-edge sword appears as sunlight through an open tabernacle door in Israel! Specifically, the door is in the same shape (trapezoid) and approximate dimensions (see image below) as the Jewish Tabernacle entrance door described in the old testament. I built this door using Sketchup architectural software and Google Earth Pro. So you're looking basically at actual distances and actual light/shadows as they would appear on earth (with the exception that I'm not bending light due to earth curvature; I haven?t figured that part out yet). Also, the map orientation is adjusted slightly southwest such that the north line runs directly through the center of the door in Sketchup. For those interested in the technical details, note that even minor variations in the shape of the door and orientation of the map will dramatically affect the results -- so results are malleable depending on the input data.

Another important caveat is that only some of the tabernacle door's dimensions are given in the bible, so I've just done the best I can to match the information available. The door is scaled up proportionally to the actual distance between the Temple Mount and Mount Hermon: 625,000 feet. It?s a big door, approximately the size of 24 Mount Everests!

[Image: tabernacle_door_entrance.gif]
[Image: tab_techdim.gif]
[Image: tabernacle-tent1-560x418.jpg]
[Image: sword-staff-outline-frontal4-1.jpg]

As for the shepherd?s staff, it manifests as light shining through a uniquely shaped keyhole. In the ancient temple in Jerusalem, the Jewish priests used a special key for their altar, such as this one:

[Image: keys-temple.jpg]

And here is the key used in the Sepulchre church in Jerusalem:
[Image: key%20to%20sepulchre%20church.jpg]

Interpreting the Data

In the course of this geo-modeling research I?ve taken a lot of notes and found fertile ground for insights. Here is a sample of some initial thoughts ?

The door/sword is straight (alyza), like the door in Matthew needed to enter heaven (Matthew 7:13, ?enter by the straight door?).

The tabernacle that forms the door looks like a pyramid with a missing capstone. The shepherd?s staff provides a capstone with its triangle shape. Yahshua is the shepherd and his name in Aramaic means Yah?s rock. More on that below...

The sword/door comes from Yahshua?s mouth (Revelation 1:16, 2:12), so perhaps it is made of words. If it needs a handle, one might say that would be Yahshua?s throat with Adam?s apple around Najd. Fun to consider the possibilities and have a reason to learn more about these places.

If this sword image is revealing a door as my findings suggest, then do the chosen enter at the temple mount edge of the door or the other edge at Mt. Hermon, or perhaps anywhere in the area from Temple Mount to Mt. Hermon? Notice this clue in the admonition to the first assembly Ephesus in Revelation 2:4-5, ??your former love you have left, remember from where you came and do the works former?? Consider also what Yahshua advised the Samaritan/northern woman by the well in John 4:22 that salvation comes through Judeans (yhudya).

Another option is to place a smaller trapezoid inside the door, so the outline remains very narrow and a person walking on earth would only be able to enter at either pole/extreme (hot or cold): Temple Mount or Mt. Hermon, but not in between.

The ancient tabernacle was placed in the court towards the west, but with its entrance oriented east-wards, so that according to Josephus: "when the Sun arose it might send its first rays upon it." See also Ezekiel 43:1-5. And here we're looking at that same description, morning sunlight from the east through a door facing east-west (map orientation is especially relevant here).

The temple was in some ways grander and more spectacular than the tabernacle that came before it. Perhaps this sword & staff, modeled after the tabernacle, will also be followed by a grander and more spectacular door & key modeled after the temple. What if the coordinates are already written in the stars, but no human has discovered them or published the images yet? See e.g., The Celestial Symbolism of the Hebrew Temple & Tabernacle, (highlighting especially the phi ratios).

Imagine a key, when inserted into the top of the staff/keyhole and turned from right to left (like reading Hebrew or Aramaic), lifts the crook in the staff upward/outward to open the door. If we read that Philadelphia was empowered with the keys of David the shepherd (Revelation 3:7), and with/after Laodicea we see the open door (Revelation 3:20, 4:1), this imagery makes sense.

If the keys of David in Rev 3:7 are a clue pointing toward 'shepherd staff keys', it also brings to mind Simon Peter (kapa) who was given keys to heaven (Matthew 16:19) and told to tend the sheep (John 21). Peter is a rock, but not the rock. Yahshua is the rock, he is Yah?s rock. He is a better choice than the capstone rock on the pyramid. Consider how belief in Yahshua?s name is a potential key to the door/sword. Peter the rock put Yahshua the rock first. Peter used a sword in John 18 and Peter proved he inherently possessed a key when he affirmed it in Matthew 16:16. And Yahshua responds in Matthew 16:17-18, ?Blessed are you Simon son of Jonah, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but rather my Father who is in heaven. Also I say I to you that you are kapa and on this kapa I will build my church.?

What is the church other than a covenant holder? The seven assemblies can be seen as seven colors/music-notes/wave-functions/etc that interact to form one church. They need to work together and the result is a saga on whatever levels you focus upon ? virtues, vices, admonitions, promises, accounting, judgment.

[Image: keyhole-color-1.jpg]

So where is this church highlighted in Matthew 16:18? In Yahshua. In analyzing Matthew 16:18 consider 1.618 = phi the golden ratio. This sword & staff represents the golden ratio as highlighted above (and more to come). If you're inclined, learn about phi as you learn about this sword/door and staff/key. Studying the heart and mathematics is a way to study life as you focus on YHVH.

Consider how the door is likely made of words - as the sword comes from Yahshua?s mouth, it would logically be made of words. And according to the gospel, words come from the heart.

[Image: hebrew-dalet-voice-shadow-letter.jpg]

[Image: torus-heart-wave.jpg]

Imagine the 'aleph bet' of your heart knocking and the door opening - the key would be a virtuous heart. Reminds me of the verse to the assembly Thyatira in Revelation 2:23, ?I examine the emotions and the heart?. Note the wordplay of key (qlyda) and emotions (kulyTha). If I recall correctly, it was this wordplay that helped me think of the heart as a potential key to the door, the shepherd?s heart. Note also the wordplay of door (ThrEaa) and this lampstand Thyatira (Thautyra). In Rev 3:20, Yahshua stands at the door and knocks (aquSh). And this root word for knock (aquSh) is again used in Rev 14:2 while the lamb is on Mt. Zion. Do you envision a door at Mt. Zion?

Regarding the heart-key theme, note that 528 hz is measurable as the musical frequency of love for the human heart. And in the following image the length of the yellow shepherd's staff is 527 miles. I take this as a small sign that my map measurements are somehow off by a mile, just like the line measurement from Temple Mount to Ephesus is 617 miles (618 is the golden number). Perhaps give a little here, take a little there - how do you pinpoint the location of an historical assembly of faithful people covering some distance - well, think of photon wave-particle mechanics and the nature of focus.

[Image: sword-staff-double-slit-experiment.jpg]

I can theorize that Laodicea must turn and repent (Rev 3:16-19) because it needs to open the bottom portion of the lock on the key hole. The lock can be opened either way (hot or cold), but if Laodicea takes the middle approach then the crook on the staff is not opened. Or another way to analyze this riddle follows the way that light travels when forced through a narrow gate/opening. When the path is wide, the extremes cancel each other out and aren?t noticeable because trillions of straight/easy traveling photons take center stage. But when the path is narrow, the extreme photons receive the path? see e.g., pages 56 and 80 of Quantum Electrodynamics by Richard Feynman.

At first when I saw the shepherd?s staff outline I thought it might be a snake?s forked tongue:

[Image: sword-staff-outline-frontal1.jpg]

My initial reaction was negative to this early image, but then I remembered John 3:15, ?And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness thus is about to be lifted up the Son of Man so that everyone who believes in him will not destruct but will have life dlEalm.?

And with synchronistical symbolism, the sunlight is shining through this ?snake head? at 6:18am (.618 = golden ratio) on the date of 3/12, which reminds of John 3:12, the passage that immediately precedes John 3:16?s reference to Yahshua as the snake in the wilderness. John 3:12 reads, ?If about earthly things I have told you and you do not believe, how if I speak to you about heavenly things will you believe?? Intriguing example, right?

Then as I continued carving out the forms inside the staff (just as they would be carved out from wood in a real shepherd?s staff) I found a series of triangular shapes. What do they represent? I don?t know yet. I think it?s cool that they match the symbol of ?north? on the google earth map - a nice little trail marker perhaps. There were many triangular objects in the temple -- for example, the ramp leading to the copper altar was a triangle of similar shape.
[Image: mizbeach.jpg]

The triangles on the roof of the temple also match. Or what if the staff head is meant to outline a tsadee in Aramaic script? Or perhaps the triangles represent sets of cherubim wings. Or what if the staff is budding leaves and almonds, like Aaron?s staff in Numbers 17. I?m not certain of any answer, or that there is meant to be only one answer, but I?m excited to learn more about this budding staff and open door?

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - gregglaser - 05-09-2014

The Eye of the Needle

gregglaser Wrote:...what I am supposed to do with the information that Beruit (just above Sidon) was once named Laodicea around 140BC?
In the oldest Aramaic codex of Revelation, the spelling of the assembly laydyqya (?Laodicea?) at Rev 3:14 differs from the spelling ldyqya (?Laodicea?) at Rev 1:11.

The dichotomy is a clue?

As shown above, when prgmus ("Pergamus") in Rev 1:11 was spelled a second way as prgma ("Pergama") in Rev 2:12, the dichotomy revealed a sword & shepherd's staff encoded on the face of the earth. On a map, I do not see how I would have reached the same result with Greek (Pergamou in Rev 1:11, and Pergamo in Rev 2:12).

So, what does the alternate spelling/mapping of Laodicea reveal? Surprisingly, a sewing needle is revealed when Laodicea (now called Beirut) in Lebanon is mapped rather than Laodicea in Anatolia. And incidentally, the line runs right through Pergama on Cyprus, which is a nice trail marker of meaningfulness.

[Image: Seven-Assembly-Sword-and-Eye-of-the-Needle.jpg]

[Image: ancient-needle-collage.jpg]

This needle is a biblical sign for we Laodiceans who have claimed to be "rich" per Rev 3:17 -- as we remember Matthew 19:24, ?And again I say to you, it is easier for a rope to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of Alha.?

[Image: bronze-needle.jpg]

In the Google Earth map image above, the eye of the needle is formed in the middle of assemblies four through six (Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia), while the point of the needle touches down in assembly seven: Laodicea, Beirut.

This eye of the needle here would be in the Gediz river, basically between Adala and the famous but small Lake Marmara, which would translate ?lord lord? in Aramaic, though in the ancient days it was named Lake Gyges after a shepherd turned king whose legends are curiously philosophical and involve names like Ardys (also the name for the summit of Mt. Hermon).

What is the meaning of all this? I will venture that when you in Laodicea are ?hot? (Khmyma), then you are open like the open crook on the shepherd?s staff. Or if you choose to be ?cold? (qryr) instead, then you are closed like the closed loop of the sewing needle. Both options are satisfactory as both are functional ? the ?hot/open? shepherd?s staff leads the sheep to cool water; the cold/closed needle sews the shepherd a wool coat. But if you are ?lukewarm? (pShura), then you are partially open and partially closed, which is not satisfactory for either function: an open loop needle will not hold thread well, and a misshapen shepherd?s staff will not properly catch the stiff-neck of a sheep.

For history on the different Aramaic spellings of the name Laodicea, and the three different places in Asia associated with that name, see The Rabbinic ?Enumeration of Scriptural Examples?: A Study of a Rabbinic Pattern of Discourse With Special Reference to Mekhilta D'R. Ishmael (1973), pg. 140.

Interestingly, if you draw straight lines between these three Laodicea locations (Anatolia, Lebanon, and Syria), the result is 980 miles, which is also the exact length of the sewing needle image. Another coincidence?

980 is a meaningful number because, as discovered by Galileo, it represents our calculation for the gravitational constant of acceleration on the surface of the earth: [Image: 980-mile-sewing-needle-Laodicea-revelation.jpg]

When the assembly locations are mapped just right (a challenge of possibilities given the archaeological evidence), expect geometrical relationships here with meaningful ratios and numbers (such as the electromagnetic coupling constant ? 1/137).

[Image: 126-137-Laodicea-Patmos-Temple-Mount.jpg]

[Image: Laodicea-circles-staff.jpg]

[Image: Pergama-Laodicea-Great-Pyramid-Phi.jpg]

Of these three Laodicea possibilities, who is hot, who is cold, and who is lukewarm? Above Laodicea in Anatolia was Hierapolis, which had the hot springs from which Laodicea received its water. These waters arrived in Laodicea lukewarm because they had to travel so far. Waters are like peoples. Imagine waters traveling through these images -- from the Temple Mount to Ephesus to Smryna, then to Pergama, and on to Thyatira, then Sardis, then Philadelphia, and finally the waters are in Laodicea. If only the Laodicean will realize how close he can be to Yahshua, he will feel the hot spring inside. I think logically, hieraopolis is a state of mind.

Remember Rev 3:18, "I counsel you to buy from me gold that is tried by fire so that you may become rich and garments white to clothe yourself so that not should be revealed the shame of your nakedness and eye salve apply to the eyelids so that you may see." Do we Laodiceans get more excited about gold/money that helps enforce the world debt system, or do we have zeal to protect instead the Father's golden ratio growing in the natural world (people, plants) to create real value... Do we Laodiceans understand from John 9:6 that the eye salve is clay (the people of this world)? Are we willing to put this clay before our eyes that we may see and repent from the errors of materialist conquest?

[Image: persecuted-christians-syria1.jpg]

It is meaningful that Laodicea is the concluding assembly in Revelation. I think when the seven assemblies come together they are like the seven colors of the rainbow working together ? they make white, like the white clothes worn in heaven promised to those in Laodicea who conquer this world in Yahshua. Rev 3:18. When all of the assemblies come/sign together in the conclusion of this age we are experiencing, we see the image of the eye of the needle. I think the Father is revealing mysteries here. Other people may see other things (ie., ox-goad, ice-pick, nothing), and that?s fine by me. We see what we are given to see, and hear what we are given too.

The Peshitta of the famous verse Matthew 19:24 helps me understand the ?eye? (Khrura) of the needle represents a portal to heaven. This is no ordinary word in Aramaic because the language reveals it as wordplay for white and freedom (Khur). It's all very mathematical and beautiful when diverse peoples come together in peace, love, and harmony.

By contrast, this world governed by dangerous leaders and consumers uses different needles to control one another.
[Image: needle-pain-collage.png]

There is a better way than what is happening in this world. Finding the way is finding Yahshua:

[Image: needle-in-haystack.jpg]

1st Century Maps Help Prove these Sword & Staff Images Come From Higher Intelligence

Even the very best maps of the 1st century AD were highly inaccurate, even comically inaccurate. So it would be impossible for the author of the Book of Revelation (writing in the first century AD) to have used a man-made map to secretly encode the sword and staff image by selectively choosing the seven lampstands of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergama, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea). Therefore logically, the source of the sword & staff image comes either from higher intelligence, or from pure coincidence. And coincidence is especially unlikely given the golden ratio encoding in the image.

In the 1st century, even the best cartographers at the time had very inaccurate maps of the Mediterranean region where the sword and staff is located. For example, here is one of the best maps they had available at the time: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";"> ... _Mela.jpg;</a><!-- m --> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Even in the next century, Ptolemy?s map is still woefully inaccurate for the Mediterranean region: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. It would be impossible to find the sword and staff with maps this inaccurate in 150AD, further confirming that the author of the Book of Revelation could not have used a man-made map to plot this image.

Only when we get to the 12th century can we find a map where it would be theoretically possible to map out a very rough and imprecise sword and staff. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... e-down.jpg</a><!-- m -->

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Ma - gregglaser - 10-15-2014

When the time is right, I?m planning to make a video that explains all this with pictures, but in a nutshell, the sword & staff likely represents the Revelation 12 woman in the wilderness, because? when miles on earth are converted to years, the lines of the sword & staff trace the history of the woman through time ? each of the 7-churches mark a world-changing event in history (where the world wouldn?t be the same without the event):

? 68AD ? Jerusalem overthrown by civil war so the woman must flee (sword begins in Jerusalem)
? 687AD ? construction of the dome of the rock (sword point in Ephesus)
? 727AD ? founding of the papal states (2nd sword point in Smyrna)
? 1328AD ? black plague commences (end of sword, beginning of staff in Pergamus)
? 1917AD ? end of WWI and founding of the League of Nations (top of staff in Thyatira)
? 1945AD ? first nuclear bomb, end of WWII, founding of the UN (top crook of the staff in Sardis)
? 1973AD ? Arab-Israeli War, end of Vietnam War (middle crook of the staff in Philadelphia)
? 2018AD ? unknown, this would be the last part of the clock (bottom crook of the staff in Laodicea). Is there anywhere else the woman can flee, or is she out of time?

[Image: 7-Churches-Revelation-Sword-Staff.jpg]

Note that these assemblies of people (?churches?) would cover pretty large areas on the ground -- logically much larger than the narrow epicenter points in my image on which the numbers depend, so I can selectively choose data (choose an epicenter from a relatively large area) to match my theory (which is problematic). But interestingly/fortunately, there are not many world-changing events in the time frames here, so I really can?t run wild with the data ? it?s still mostly firm. For example, if I tried to move my epicenter of Smyrna 9-miles northwest, then my timeline focuses on the Siege of Constantinople in 718AD, but this would disrupt the remaining dates.

So according to this developing theory, the length of the sword & staff image is 1,950 miles. And this number matches the numbers in Revelation 12 -- the woman is in the wilderness for 1950 days because first she is there for 1,260 days (Rev 12:6), then she flees again for 690 days (?time? (60), times (600), and ? time (30). 60 + 600 + 30 = 690). For more detail, click here.

There are lots of clues that Revelation is encoded beyond our imagination. For example, there are 7-churches and the word for church EadTha literally means ?time sign?. This suggests that even on the surface the sword and staff is a ?time sign? with encoded dates. Or in Rev 12:6, the place aThr given to the woman means 'space' and 'time' metaphorically. Or with regard to the 690 code, note that Eadn = time, and Eada= distance. So there are clues in the text directing readers to compare time and distance.

The x-factor of this sword & staff research has always been the third assembly, Pergamus. I think it is meant to be dynamic and multi-layered in meaning, but for purposes of this 1950 code, I think its important that tangential evidence locates PRGMUS between Tyre (Satan?s original throne per Ezekiel 28:2-19) and Mt. Hermon. For over two years I have searched online and in physical libraries for archaeological evidence of PRGMUS in this area shared by Israel, Syria and Lebanon, and I find very close matches in name, but no definitive proof. For example, there are many ?burg? towns around Mt. Hermon because berg=mountain. And then mus=removed. So PRGMUS means ?removed from the mountain?, and therefore PRGMUS might be around Mt. Hermon as this evidence suggests; for now, it is possible?

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Map - gregglaser - 04-07-2015

As lightning and hail light up my little town of Copperopolis today, I have another breakthrough post ? I think I?ve just learned the historical identity of the two witnesses in Revelation 11, by realizing this image of the 'double-edged sword & shepherd?s staff' tracks the events in Revelation 11 (just as it tracks the events in Revelation 12 as highlighted in my last post).

[Image: Sword-Staff-Timeline-Revelation-2.jpg]

Yes, today?s post should surprise and hopefully bring smiles to some readers, but it will also leave others confused or skeptical or indifferent, and that?s okay. As for me, I know I was surprised when I put these pieces together ? I realized that either the sword & staff reveals the identity of the two witnesses of Revelation 11, or at least it foreshadows their identity (favoring a wheels within wheels interpretation of Revelation, where Rev 11 is fulfilled first by a big wheel in history (1,950 years), and then fulfilled in a smaller wheel (around 7-years) during the tribulation at the end of this age, and who knows how much more).

In a nutshell, the two Revelation 11 witnesses/lampstands are the first two lampstands in Revelation 2 (Ephesus and Smyrna). As I?ll show in this post, the historical timeline of the sword & staff reveals that Ephesus & Smyrna represent ?faithful Catholics? (probably ?Messianic Judeans? under Catholic protection, or ?Hebrew Catholics? especially) during the 1,260 years of their witness/martyrdom (68AD through 1328AD).

Now, people who have read my research papers know that I can be quite critical of the Catholic Church when I discuss Church transgressions and crimes in history. I was certainly not expecting to find this evidence supporting the Catholic church as the home (or guardian) for Yahshua?s chosen. But indeed, it is where the hard evidence points?

Rev 11:1-2 begins with 42-months of someone trampling the holy city, which likely represents the Roman siege of Jerusalem that lasted 42 months (from mid-66AD through part of 70AD). That time period begins the sword in our image, because believers in Yahshua must flee Jerusalem (as the sword moves toward Ephesus). Remember that Rev 11:1-2 instructs John to measure; even to measure "to those who worship in it". How do you measure people in the temple? Do you see it yet? Do you feel it in your heart? The golden ratio is a sign to you...

And then in Rev 11:3 we are introduced to the two witnesses (who are called ?two lampstands?) that testify for 1,260 days in sackcloth (incidentally, the sackcloth is a clue that Yahshua?s chosen are a specific group of humble and faithful people under Catholic protection, rather than the often decadent Catholic institution as a whole). These two lampstands represent the first two lampstands in Revelation 2 (Ephesus and Smyrna), because these two lampstands define the shape of the sword that is precisely 1,260 miles long. 1,260 miles = 1,260 years. In my last post, we saw this miles-to-years conversion working in Revelation 12, and it works here too in Revelation 11.

Rev 11:5 says that enemies [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]rh0nd 09bd[/font] (?who seek/agree they will cause harm?) to the witnesses are [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]Nkh[/font] (?likewise?) themselves killed. The Aramaic grammar here is important, to avoid doctrinal presumptions about the logistics here; so please refer to the Crawford codex. And indeed, during these 1,260 days (meaning years in this particular prophetic cycle), people from every religious persuasion were killing each other as Roman Catholicism rose to a zenith of power in the developed world. During this time Jews and Muslims and Catholics killed their enemies (often each other) and were killed by their enemies (especially during the Crusades over Israel). During this time many Jews continued to convert to Catholicism (often through forced conversions). And indeed, at the end of this time, in 1328, Catholicism reached its pinnacle, because in this year (1328) the black plague became pandemic, which changed the world - in only a 'little time' (recall this expression from Revelation 12, regarding the dragon's power) the plague brought the church and the world into a state of both chaos and genocide.

Rev 11:6 says that during the 1,260 days the witnesses send plagues, such as stopping rain, and turning water into blood. We find no hard historical evidence for literal miracles like these, so in this theory ?water? would be symbolic for ?peoples? (i.e., holy wars shed blood of peoples), and the ?rain? would be symbolic for ?blessings? (i.e., Catholicism dominated the world during this time and therefore Catholics could stop rain/blessings by withdrawing support for any area or community; or in another theory, it was the Jewish moneylenders who really directed commerce and war and were able to grant or withdraw support for whomever they pleased). Note too how the authority to ?shut heaven? reminds of Yahshua?s promise in Matthew 16:18 that Simon Peter was given the keys to heaven, to bind and loose at his will.

Then in Rev 11:7 [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]Jwhtwdhs[/font] (?their testimony/martyrdom?) is completed (in 1328 the sword is complete and the new image begins of the shepherd?s staff); at this point a war begins against the two witnesses (the duration of this war is not specified in Rev 11), and then the two witnesses are eventually slaughtered by the beast that rises from the sea. In this theory, the beast would represent the ?masses? (often self-proclaimed ?Christians?) who tortured and slaughtered Jews and Messianic Jews (?Jew sympathizers?) during the time of the black plague (especially beginning around 1346). The most infamous ?reason? for persecution was the claim that Jews caused the plague by poisoning wells. Notably, this was not the first time ?Christians? had engaged in mass-slaughtering of Jews and minorities, but scholars agree it rose to an unprecedented level of genocide/holocaust during these years of the black plague. For helpful insights, see David Nirenberg?s book Communities of Violence. The Catholic pope at the time (Clement) issued an order to stop the genocide (indeed, Catholic history is filled with examples of Catholics protecting Jewish people), but still many angry people (protesters, or ?Catholic Protestants?, if you will) rejected his orders and continued to slaughter Jews and others. The key take away point is that the ?Church? was divided and could not control its own rage ? the beast from the sea/people likely came from within its own people. So the sword and staff also gives a clue as to the identity of the beast of the sea: the Roman See?

Then in Rev 11:8-9, for 3.5 days (meaning years prophetically) the bodies of the witnesses lay in the streets of their lord (which could refer to Jerusalem as the place where Yahshua was crucified, or Rome because Peter is the ?lord? of the Catholics), so these witnesses? bodies cannot be buried. This phenomenon is well-documented during the black plague as bodies piled up in the streets and were not buried (especially in Rome).

Also in Rev 11:9, it is important to note that people from different languages, tribes, and nations see these bodies in the streets. During these 3.5 years of Rome (1346-1349), there were more pilgrims coming and going from Rome than there were actual residents. Rome was the foremost tourist/pilgrimage destination of the entire world.

Regarding Rev 11:10... Did any 'Christians' ever celebrate over the genocide of Jews? Yes. Did any 'Christians' also claim the Jews tormented the world? Yes, many 'Christians' circulated the false rumor (blood libel) that the Jews caused the black plague by poisoning wells. (Note the dalet before ?they tormented? in Rev 11:10, because it can be read like a quote (that is, quoting the persecutors who are accusing the Jews of tormenting the world).

Then in Rev 11:11-12, after 3.5 days (again, years) the witnesses are given new life and rise up in the clouds. Again, there is no historical evidence for a literal fulfillment of this prophecy. So we examine the symbolism? In the bible, clouds represent people, so here in Rev 11 this would represent the life-saving protection that Jews received from the Polish people as the black plague progressed. Indeed, the Jews were on track to become extinct by about 1350 until the King of Poland (Casimir the Great) offered them sanctuary from the groups that were literally hunting Jews, burning them en masse, etc. Accordingly, there was mass-exodus of Jews to Poland at that time.

Then in Rev 11:13, at the end of these 3.5 days (years) there is a great earthquake and 7,000 men die, and a remainder repents. In the entire world, there was only one historic earthquake during this time frame that could possibly meet this description, and it was the greatest earthquake in Rome?s recorded history (an estimated 8.5 on the Richter scale), in the year 1349. Apocalyptic fever was high during this time, as the masses believed the black death and the great earthquake were plagues from God. According to historians, there were countless Christians who thought it was the end of the world.

After this earthquake in 1349 Rome was ravaged, and there was a great purging/repenting in Rome. An entire movement had begun around flagellation, for example. Catholicism was also in the midst of financial scandals and critical territorial struggles (especially with France), which is why many historians label this time period around 1349 as the turning point of Catholicism. And indeed, this is precisely when Protestantism arose ? which eventually changed the entire world.

Rev 11:14 helps confirm this as we read that two woes are gone (representing the two lampstands associated with Ephesus and Smyrna) and now the third woe comes (representing the third lampstand of Pergamus).

So putting all the pieces together, we see the sword (Jerusalem, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamus) represents early Catholicism (or Messianic Jews under Catholic protection), and the staff (Pergamus, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea) represents late Catholicism/Protestantism (or again, Messianic Jews under Catholic/Protestant protection). The sword & staff are divided in one perspective, but unified in another, just like Catholicism and Protestantism.

[Image: Sword-Staff-Timeline-Revelation-Catholic...tant-2.jpg]

In Rev 11:15, the seventh angel sounds his trumpet (which reminds of the 7-assemblies) as we read that the kingdom of Alha and the messiah has arrived. (Alternatively, you can read [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]twh[/font] here as the third person singular past indicative ("he was") -- the conventional reading of [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]twh[/font] here is a passive verb ("has become"), such that Alha and the messiah are now taking reign over earth. Curiously though, the angel's words here in the alterntive reading are a riddle or tribute where the answer is Yahshua -- "he was the kingdom of this world, and he was our Alha, and he was His chosen one, and he is made king to a world/age worlds/ages.") If the conventional reading is correct (passive verb), does this time somehow represent the fall of early Catholicism and the rise of Protestantism? Perhaps, but I think that view would be too simplistic and earthly. Rather, what was happening in the 14th century was a spirit of religious freedom for both Protestants and Catholics. Indeed, there were Protestants who killed and tortured people just as there were Catholics who performed such shameful deeds. But there were also Catholics and Protestants who were tolerant and caring and loving, so the arrival of the kingdom of Alha represented the freedom to pursue one?s ideals directly in the messiah, because the Protestant Reformation (regardless of any virtues of Protestantism itself) created a new freedom of religion for both Catholics and Protestants. Just like when Yahshua proclaimed freedom by overturning the money tables in the temple, or the apostles proclaimed freedom by choosing to follow the exiled Yahshua, so too the Protestant Reformation symbolized the rejection of the almighty religious institution (whether Jewish or Catholic or other) to lead a man. Our leader is not Yahshua-ism, or Protestantism, or Catholicism. Our leader is Yahshua directly. Realize this fact in this moment, in your life with Yahshua, and the kingdom of Alha has come near to you.

In Rev 11:16-17 we see the 24-elders praising Alha and thanking Alha for reigning. This represents Alha controlling time (i.e., 24 hours each day), which is relevant to the sword and staff because it is built by one time sign [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]0td9[/font] (?church?) upon another.

In Rev 11:18 the nations rage and are destroyed. This represents the wars at the top of the staff (Thyatira = WWI; Sardis = WWII; Philadelphia= Arab/Israeli War; Laodicea = WWIII?)

Also in Rev 11:18 we read that the time has come to judge the dead and for Yahshua to give rewards to his servants, and to destroy those who destroy the earth. This represents the end of the age with plagues and a reaping of the earth, which is symbolized by the great tribulation that is coming at (or after) the end of the staff (in Laodicea). Can you feel it coming, and can you feel it now? Do you see the wheels within wheels?

In Rev 11:19 we read that heaven opens and the ark of the covenant becomes visible. In a way, this represents the entire sword & staff image that reveals (as shown in my post above) an open tabernacle door and key to the temple, which is where the ark of the covenant is kept. Remember again Simon Peter?s keys to heaven.

And then the chapter concludes in Rev 11:19 with the great signs of lightning, thunder, voices, and fire. These are among the many signs to expect at the end of this age (likely at the 7th trumpet), shortly before the millennial reign is going to begin?

Per Matthew 16:18, there is one church built on Simon Peter. And that one church either represents Roman Catholicism or it does not. This sword and staff suggests the one church is either Catholic or under Catholic protection, and that whether you're a Messianic Jew or a Roman Catholic or a Protestant, the real church is in [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"](w4y[/font]

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Map - Lily8989 - 05-10-2015

Wow, this is so amazing! I have to re read this because of my phone but when you said

"remember this map evidence helps further prove what the trustworthy already know: the messiah rules all who pass under his staff. A fallen being (whether he calls himself an angel or alien) might be able to make a crop circle or fly a spaceship, or teach sorceries and wield tetrahedrons, but these are just transient powers. YHVH gives powers and YHVH can take away those powers. YHVH controls all of these sagas in order to create and enforce beauty and justice and salvation, and life and death. The way I see the evidence, YHVH carved this particular saga for our generation and provides evidence like the above on the earth for our edification"
It was an eye opener for me, as I'm fairly new into reading the bible. What motivated you to look into all of this, and please keep me posted on any updates. This is amazing. I find it funny that I recently learned about the Fibonacci sequence and I'm seeing it in your research about relating to revelations.

Re: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Map - gregglaser - 05-12-2015

Right on, thank you! It?s been an amazingly synchronistic journey.

[Image: Seek-and-Phind-Matthew-7.jpg]

I wonder about the odds of all this: it was by fortune that I discovered this sword & staff image on the first attempt mapping the 7-churches -- it just occurred to me one day to do it (and to draw circumferences like a clock, which eventually pointed a straight line of Pergas to Mt. Hermon). Looking back, it seems against all odds that there would be no trial & error to find something like this originally. And then on top of that unlikely beginner?s luck, what are the odds that the one missing piece of the puzzle that I would eventually need to unlock the time-code just happened to be the very answer I had already found six months earlier: time, times, and 1/2 time = 690. It?s just so unlikely for all of it to come together as a grand coincidence; and in my opinion, these doors only opened through my faith in Yahweh.

The golden ratio is cool, but without Yahweh it is as empty as the idolized buildings and statues encoded with phi all over the world. Too often this world elevates dead buildings encoded with phi, and tramples humans encoded with phi.

If there is one thing I want to emphasize to new believers navigating this world full of signs: put your faith in Yahweh first as your foundation, through Yahshua. Signs only come after faith. Signs built on faith are strong.

RE: Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Map - gregglaser - 05-30-2015

Regarding the “throne of Satan” (Rev 2:13), this post reveals that the 9-8-9 triangle encoded plainly as Pergamon in the Greek Book of Revelation is actually something bigger under the light of the Aramaic Book of Revelation (encoded as Pergamus).  The secret revealed in this post is that the top of Satan’s throne in Greek is the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and the bottom of Satan’s throne in Aramaic is Mt. Hermon.

[Image: pergamon-giza-pyramid-sword-staff-3.jpg]

As if there weren’t enough mysteries already about the Great Pyramid of Giza (Isaiah 19:19) – I’ve found its dimensions (base 11, height 7) are secretly encoded (as the location of Satan’s throne) above/against the sword & staff when you put the Greek transcription (“Pergamon”) atop the Aramaic transcription (“Pergamus”).  This puts the literal Aramaic Revelation (with sword and staff in charge) at odds with the Greek translation (with its pyramid)!

[Image: pergamon-giza-pyramid-sword-staff-2.jpg]

And moreover, the pyramid of Pergamon (Greek translation) within the pyramid of Giza (Greek translation) points at the island of Patmos where John received Revelation, go figure!

[Image: Pergamon-Triangle-Sword-Staff-Patmos.jpg]

Geographical/mathematical methodology:

Pergamon Anatolia (the traditional seat of “Satan’s throne”) sits atop a 9-8-9 acute isosceles triangle formed by hypothetically extended lines of the sword & staff, and that triangle is pointing directly at the island of Patmos.  To map this 9-8-9 triangle (45 miles x 40 miles x 45 miles) and finding Patmos:

     1. Draw straight lines between the three top points (Pergamon, Smyrna, Thyatira) to form the 9-8-9 triangle. Also draw a radius from Ephesus (first assembly) to Laodicea (last assembly).  Naturally, this creates a circle. But surprisingly Pergamon Anatolia is precisely due north from the radial point on that circle (10 miles away) that conjoins Pergamus Cyprus and Perga Anatolia (recall that Pergamus and Perga are already in conjunction in the sword & staff (which allowed us to locate the third assembly at Mt. Hermon)).

[Image: pergamon-thyatira-smyrna-sword-staff.jpg]

[Image: pergamon-north-line-sword-staff.jpg]

    2. From the midpoint of Thyatira and Pergamon, draw a straight line through Smyrna and it brings you directly to Patmos. 

[Image: Pergamon-Triangle-Sword-Staff-Patmos.jpg]

[Image: pergamon-giza-pyramid-sword-staff-Patmos.jpg]

The images here are full of interesting numbers and relationships.  Possibilities abound! For example, continue the straight line from Philadelphia to Sardis, and at mile 70 it lands at the center line of the triangle.  Then draw a radius from that center point to Smyrna, and the 22-mile circle traces the edge of the original line from Thyatira to the top of the circle that is the radius of Ephesus to Laodicea.  It’s just really beautiful how it all lines up so nicely as you go from example to example…

[Image: pyramid-corner-egypt-chambers-sword-staff.jpg]


Here is what I think all this means – our Father uses conjunctions and ratios, among countless other tools and methods (like synchronicities in your life), to reveal His dominion over space and time. For me, this latest discovery has been another very synchronistic one, connecting my very first research oddity with this latest finding (suggesting to me again how the Father predestined my research from the beginning).  Even little recent details are synchronistic, like the fact that I just happened to find the 9-8-9 triangle after the post by Lily8989.  Yes, He aligns people in conjunction too.

But signs are just signs. Imagine the signs & wonders that scientists 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000,000 years from now could theoretically accomplish.  Levitation could be a simple trick that you teach your pet; teleportation of objects would theoretically be as simple as 3-d printing today; and who knows how many dimensions mankind would theoretically access in the future.  But even in 1,000,000,000,000 years, only the Creator of our known universe should be able to fulfill prophecies by aligning the free will interpersonal circumstances of diverse beings and the natural order of physics with such exquisite precision.  If you take out the free will, then any alien should be able to accomplish it and the beauty is lost, which is one reason why the movie The Matrix (regarding simulated free will) leaves one feeling empty.  

[Image: matrix-reality.jpg]

But when we keep faith in Messiah, with possibilities, we feel uplifted. Yahshua is beyond comforting in this measure, through YHVH. 

Indeed, ‘supernatural’ powers such as creating a new star or reading a human mind are not really persuasive of omnipotence.  But the ability to transcend the temporal dimension (which sets an order in our minds) and encode the natural order of physics to glorify the Messiah to our little free will perspectives as humans on earth, that is special to us because it shows not only power over creation itself, but that the Father actually cares about our perspectives!  Conjunctions on the face of the earth are just among the little birthday presents we get to open here and now that glorify the Messiah.  We love Him so much, it’s true; but He loves us so much more!!

[Image: baby1.gif]

Ultimately we are learning a greater lesson -- when we follow the physical laws of the universe, we learn about creation, and by induction our Creator.  When we follow the laws we place on others (i.e., Torah, golden rule, any law we observe jurisdictionally), we learn about ourselves exercising creative and destructive powers within the Father’s creation.  YHVH gives us power because He wants us to learn about our gifts of power.

The Messiah Yahshua followed and fulfilled the law of Israel’s jurisdiction because that order in time revealed the character of the Father more than even the supernatural gifts (like walking on water), because to our human perspectives at this time in the scientific age (when we can easily walk on water with science) supernatural signs are just futuristic physics (for the most part).  Looking back, we certainly appreciate Yahshua’s supernatural qualities during his first coming, but they are not by themselves a sustainable foundation for belief in divinity, I think.  Rather, it makes more sense to build a foundation on loving the order He set, and the reconciliation to order through the life He delivered; and to love the Father, and the reconciliation to the Father through forgiveness.  This is the natural order given to us for learning here, and right now.  Our words cannot even express how much we love the Father.  And His love for us is divine.