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How to Save a Dying Language - Paul Younan - 02-14-2013

Nice article in the Smithsonian Magazine:

Writing above the sanctuary (St. Andrew's Church, Glenview, IL) in the image below: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father, but by Me."

[Image: Last-Words-St-Andrews-church-715.jpg]


Re: How to Save a Dying Language - Thirdwoe - 02-15-2013

Nice picture...I'm always happy when they bring the prayer insense close...

Re: How to Save a Dying Language - Burning one - 02-15-2013


thanks for sharing the article! i shared it on FB, too. what an amazing position to be in -- i look forward to the day Khan's database is active, and hopefully free for all!

the article's last few lines left my eyes rather misty....but i KNOW M'sheekha shall return, and so even should the language die amongst native users before He comes, like the most important One to have ever spoken it, it shall live again in His Kingdom!

for my part, learning to read the NT's language has been a blessing for sure, and i try to teach my young boys words and phrases from the Peshitta NT, and our congregation has incorporated Aramaic hymn into our praise, thankfully. tho, with me being half-deaf, i'm probably butchering the pronunciations! =(

Chayim b'Moshiach,

Re: How to Save a Dying Language - makemble - 02-15-2013

Thanks for sharing I'm trying to learn the language but also looking for someone to help me. E-teacher wants 1400 dollars for online teacher for aramaic thats out of my price range just hard to find teachers.