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My Youtube Peshitta Series - ScorpioSniper2 - 10-26-2012

I have a series of Peshitta/Peshitto series on Youtube. I only did one Peshitta video that wasn't about the translations. In the videos I review the Lamsa, Roth, Bauscher, Murdock, and Etheridge translations. I'll be making one about the Magiera "Messianic" translation in the next few days. The one that wasn't a review was about the deity of Christ in the Peshitta, as expressed in English through the Bauscher and Roth translations. I know Brother Chuck (thirdwoe) has already looked at some of them. I hope it's a blessing to you! Most of you know I'm a Greek primacist, but I don't focus as much on Aramaic and Greek primacy (even though I touch on it every now and then, but only a couple of times).

Here is a link to the playlist:
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