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Amazing Work - mercy - 02-15-2012

Peace Be With You,

You are Doing a Very Good Job Paul.I really Appreciate It. <!-- sConfusedatisfied: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/satisfied.gif" alt="Confusedatisfied:" title="Satisfied" /><!-- sConfusedatisfied: -->

You are Bringing Forth a Thing Which wad Purposely Wiped Off.And Depleted With Time.

But Never Mind.Truth can Be Restored.

Keep Going On Follow The Truth.The Almighty Will Support You.And Show You The Light.And Reward You With his Bounties.

I am also in Search Of Truth.Hope I get Your Assistance in Gathering The Truth.

Re: Amazing Work - Paul Younan - 02-15-2012

Thank you for your kind words Mercy. Welcome again to our forum.

+Shamasha Paul