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Question - sean - 10-24-2011

What english old testament should I read, now I know that the lamsa bible is not totally accurate?
thank you

Re: Question - Aaron S - 10-25-2011

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Re: Question - Thirdwoe - 10-25-2011

To tell ya the truth...they all pretty much say the same thing, but in some places The Septuagint reading is more in line with the NT qoutations of it, than what is currently found in the Massoretic text, which dates in its present form, to around 900/1000 A.D.

Dave Bauscher is thankfully working on an English translation and Interlinear of the Peshitta OT, from the Ambrosianus Codex...and I believe that Andrew Roth is also working on a translation as well. Janet Magiera tells me that she has no plans on doing so at this time. I don't know that there is much wrong with George Lamsa's OT translation, though I have not checked with it that much.


Re: Question - aineo - 10-25-2011

Aaron S Wrote:Check out my personal project: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Aaron, thanks for sharing this - I'll be adding this to my links to study material.