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Assumption/Dormition of Mary - g_a_kowalski - 05-16-2011

Western Christianity celebrates event known as 'Assumption of Mary' or 'Dormition of the Theotokos'.

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Is there anything similar in ACOE?

Re: Assumption/Dormition of Mary - Alan G77 - 05-17-2011

I don't think we celebrate this, I don't think the Orthodox celebrate it either.

Re: Assumption/Dormition of Mary - MichaelD - 11-29-2012

According to the church calendar there is a Commemoration of St Mary's Falling Asleep on August 15. As with most of the Eastern Churches, the Church of the East does not seem interested in over defining the doctrines about St. Mary. The liturgy of the day ascribes appropriate honour to her without going overboard, in my opinion.