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Acts 13:48 - billman - 03-25-2011

Hi all,

This question is primarily for Mr. Younan, but I would appreciate any and all input. While reading the "English only" of Mr. Younan's translation at the website, I happened to notice that Acts 13:48 reads "...those who believed were ordained to life that is everlasting." The other bibles available there (Lamsa, Murdock, Etheridge...) all have "...and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed." (Or a minor variation thereof.) So my question...which came first? The "ordination to eternal life" or "belief"? Sorry if this has been dealt with before and I missed it, but I searched the site and didn't come up with anything. Thanks in advance...


Re: Acts 13:48 - distazo - 03-25-2011

If we read vers 46 we could conclude how it can be translated.

Because the Jews rejected the Word of God, they were not worthy for eternal life.
It was not the other way around as if they were NOT worthy and so they rejected the word!
It was there reaction on Pauls preaching.

Now all the major aramaic translations have something like this in vers 48: "and they believed who were disposed [Or, set unto.] unto eternal life." (Etheridge)

Could it be that they had a mind for eternal life -so- they believed?