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Smoother reading in John chapter 8 - BrotherLarry - 01-01-2011

Shlama lukhon & Happy New Year,

In John chapter 8, verses 25 & 26 (Western Peshitto) and verses 14 & 15 (Eastern Peshitta) we have a smoother transition of words than in the Greek text. The Greeks felt that they absolutely had to end their sentence after the first verse. Here are some Greek-to-English translations that will emphasize my point......

They said then to him, You, who are you ? And [2said 3to them 1Jesus], The source of whatever also I speak to you. Many things I have concerning you to say, and to judge; but the one having sent me is true, and I, what I heard from him, these things I say unto the world. (Apostolic Bible Polyglot)

Young's Literal uses a semicolon instead of a period to continue the thought but still doesn't quite match the flow of the Peshitta....

Joh 8:25 They said, therefore, to him, `Thou--who art thou?' and Jesus said to them, `Even what I did speak of to you at the beginning;
Joh 8:26 many things I have to speak concerning you and to judge, but He who sent me is true, and I--what things I heard from Him--these I say to the world.'

Here's Paul Younan's translation of the Peshitta..... said the Yehudeans "Who are you?" said to them Yeshua "Even if I should begin to speak with you (verse 15) much I have against you to say and to judge but He who sent me is true and I those things which I heard from Him these things are what I speak in the world.

James Murdock - The Jews said to him: Who art thou? Jesus said to them: Although I have begun to converse with you,
I have yet many things to say and to Judge concerning you. But he that sent me is true: and the things which I have heard from him, them I speak in the world.

A very minor confusion can upset the apple cart sometimes!

Shlama w'Burkate, Bro. Larry