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William Norton's sifting method - BrotherLarry - 11-21-2010

Shlama lukhon,

I like William Norton's approach in giving us the very best translation work he can muster.....

"When the readings of these six editions differ, it sometimes happens that Walton, Gutbier, and Schaaf are agreed on one side, against the editions of the Maronites, Lee, and Ooroomiah, in agreement, on the other. In these cases the three latter, are often in agreement with the better Greek manuscripts, and seem to be more correct than the other three. When all these editions, and the better Greek manuscripts agree, we have reason to rely on what they agree in as a true copy of the autographs of the apostles."

Bro. Larry

Re: William Norton's sifting method - konway87 - 03-09-2011

Hello Brother Larry,
You did a great job writing the information from the book of William Norton. I am also posting the link of William Norton's Book that is available on

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From Page 137 to 183, we see Peshitto-Syriac Translation of Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, and 1 John.

Check Page 139 (Hebrews 2:9) on Origen's comment about this verse.

(a) Ver. 9. Instead of the words rendered, " by the gracious favour of God," other Syriac manuscripts have two variations. The Greek does not seem to be correct,
because the exaltation of Christ did not determine the object of his death. A reading older than the time of the Nestorians, was mentioned by Origen, who died about
A.D. 254. It is, "For he, apart from Godhead." Some Nestorians adopted this reading. The Jacobites seem to have altered the position of " God," to suit their creed. They
have in their copies,?" He, God, in his gracious favour, tasted death." The Peshito edited for the B. and F. Bible Society, partly by Dr. Buchanan, and partly by Dr. Lee,
and which is founded on some ancient manuscripts, has the reading given above, which differs from that of the Jacobites only in the position of the word " God."

I think William Norton did a wonderful job with his works. Brother Larry, I thank you again for writing the information from William Norton's Book.