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English-Syriac Dictionary - Assur-ahhe-iddina - 09-11-2010

Does anyone have any insight in regard to the "Bukhro" English-Syriac Dictionary completed by Rev. Zeki Zitoun? I was considering purchasing the dictionary but I wasn't sure if it is worth it or not.
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Re: English-Syriac Dictionary - Nimrod Warda - 09-11-2010

I have no clue, but it seems like it is in the western dialect (Syriac Orthodox) based on the title, so many words will be different than surit d'madinkha.

Re: English-Syriac Dictionary - Jerry - 09-12-2010

No clue here either. You can get a brief look at the book at 1:30 - 2:10 in this video:

Re: English-Syriac Dictionary - lebaryo - 10-10-2010

Hi Assur-ahhe-iddina. I have the book, lucky enough to get it as a gift from Khuroyo Zeitoun who is a relative. The book is very large, and heavy. I'm surprised at the amount of English words, very thorough. So if you're dedicated to learning Syriac I guess I would say it's a good resource.