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Acts 20:28 I'll try again... :-) - BrotherLarry - 01-04-2009

Shlama l'kulkhon,

Ezra Abbot has a pretty lengthy discussion concerning the "church of God" versus "the church of Christ (Meshikha)" theme in Acts 20:28.

I thought akhan Paul would really appreciate this quote from his lengthy, in-depth essay..........

{QUOTE} - Of the Syriac MSS. in the British Museum, the following read "the church of Christ (or the Messiah): -- Addit. 1712 O, "written in a good, regular Estrangela of the sixth century; altered "at a much later period into 'of God' " (Dr. Wright); {END OF QUOTE}

He goes on to mention other manuscripts but this really "caught my eye."

By the way, the book that contains this essay and others at this link........

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Shlama w'Burkate, Larry Kelsey

Re: Acts 20:28 I'll try again... :-) - yaaqubyl - 01-05-2009

Shlama Akhi,

This is very interesting reading. Thank you for sharing the resource.

Push b'shlama,