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Re: My God my God... - distazo - 11-01-2013

Hi Paul,

Now I understand your point a lot better.

I wish we could fix both the NT as well as the OT for this issue.

I have found one other issue as well, not so important, but it shows that some Hebrew words, historically were mistranslated.

Re: My God my God... - ScorpioSniper2 - 12-05-2013

I think that if a separation occurred between Jesus's divinity and humanity, then the incarnation would have ceased at that moment. I believe in a unity between Jesus's deity and humanity, what can be said about one of his natures can be said of His entire being. It can't be said that when Jesus said, "Before Abraham was I was," that the deity of Jesus was speaking, and it can't be said that when Jesus said, "My Father is greater than I," that His humanity was speaking. Natures don't speak: persons do. Speaking of Jesus in this way (which Andrew Roth does at some points during his commentary in the AENT) is what makes people misunderstand that position of Nestorius (who did teach a separation between the humanity and deity of Jesus, I think). The intention isn't to teach that Jesus is two Persons, but it ends up that way. The natures of Jesus's deity and humanity are closely united, but still distinct. You can say some things about deity that you can't say about humanity obviously. Jesus isn't a Hercules, He is 100% God and 100% man, he isn't a mixture of the two. That's all I'm gonna say about the matter. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Re: My God my God... - Thirdwoe - 12-06-2013

True, Dylan, He is not a mixture, being unmixed...and, as you said, His two natures are distinct in their unity.

God can't die, because He is immortal, and eternal, yet, in His incarnate human body, The Word made flesh tasted death for every man, apart from His Deity/God, who is immortal.

So, if He is 100% Man, and 100% God...and His Deity and His Humanity are distinct in their unity, so then...which one was mortal and died on the Cross that day? The 100% Man did, apart from the 100% God, who did not.

Jesus was not a Human being before He was born into Humanity through His Mother Mary, yet, He, as The Word/Miltha, always existed as God, before He/The Word was manifested in Humanity, in the Person of Jesus the Messiah...The Word made flesh, who is the Son of God.


Re: My God my God... - ScorpioSniper2 - 12-06-2013

Agreed. God Himself was the only one who could pay the price, and to do that He had to become a true man and live a truly perfect life. I am thankful for the cross! The Almighty YHWH God humbled Himself for us when the Miltha became flesh.