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Clavis Syriaca - Amatsyah - 02-07-2008

Shlama akhay,

Is anyone familiar with this work?

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Holy cow can one certainly find a lot of interesting things at this Lulu place!



Re: Clavis Syriaca - Paul Younan - 02-07-2008

Nice, I love Lulu.

Re: Clavis Syriaca - Ewan MacLeod - 02-07-2008

Yes, I have this work and have referred to it a lot. It is a grammatical breakdown of every word in the Peshitta gospels, in Serto script, showing how each word is understood, its grammatical analysis, and how it relates to Greek and Hebrew equivalents. If you want to understand the Peshitta and read it in the original Aramaic, and if you can read the Serto script even slightly, and if you have even a basic understanding of Aramaic or Syriac grammar, you will benefit enormously from this work. Even if you can only read Serto, this work will be indispensable and you will learn an enormous amount, and your understanding of the grammar will increase. I would recommend that everyone interested in the Peshitta read this book!

An electronic download of Clavis Syriaca is available, but the publisher at Lulu has done an enormous amount of work in converting the download to true black & white, so the published work is still worth getting even if you can get a free download.
- Ewan MacLeod

Re: Clavis Syriaca - enarxe - 10-20-2013

Great resource. No longer on Lulu. Scans are here:
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where do I buy the edited version ?

Re: Clavis Syriaca - monsoongroover - 12-25-2013

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Re: Clavis Syriaca - monsoongroover - 12-25-2013


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Re: Clavis Syriaca - 3account - 01-02-2014

monsoongroover Wrote:OR

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Thanks for the quote - the link isn't working here - can you please repost? Why is it no longer available on Lulu? That is a great resource.

Re: Clavis Syriaca - monsoongroover - 01-05-2014

Sorry, I can't say why the link does not work for you. I click on it and it works. Try going to Google Books and do a search for "Clavis Syriaca".