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test - Paul Younan - 12-20-2007

[font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]0b0[/font]

Re: test - Paul Younan - 12-20-2007

[font="Estrangelo (V1.1)":1la7x2yi]0m0[/font:1la7x2yi]

Re: test - gbausc - 12-20-2007


Did I pass?


Re: test - Paul Younan - 12-20-2007

Man, you caught me.

Can't get these fonts from the old posts converted over in the new version of this software.

New posts are fine, the old ones have to get salvaged somehow!

Re: test - yaaqub - 12-21-2007


With this new software, you should be able to add BBCode from your administration pages. It kinda' works like censor/text replace


<span style="font-family:name_of_font_here;">{TEXT2}</span>

It's too bad this won't work with the older posts.