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Full Version: Mosul Bible
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I am really keen to get hold of the so called Mosul Bible, which is apparently an Arabic translation of the Peshitta! However I am finding it very heard to get, and I have been contacting the Lebanese Bible Society and the one in England but no replies. If anyone at all can help me get this it would be appreciated. I have seen varoius Arabic Bibles must most are just translated from English KJVs and NIVs! But I want Peshitta only. See the link below:

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OR if anyone knows if there are any other Arabic Peshitta's about, please tell me? Paul, any ideas?
Shlama Akhi Gentile,

This Arabic translation of the Peshitta was created by the Dominicans in the Catholic Church of Iraq ("Chaldean Rite Catholics"). I think the best person to get a hold of here in the states is Mar Ibrahim of the Chaldean Church.

You can contact the "Mother of God" Parish in Southfield, Michigan at (248) 356-0565