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Full Version: Two Peshitta books
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Shlama brothers,
If you have the following books, please share with me the information that I need.
1) The Aramaic New Testament Manuscript at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ucts_id=46</a><!-- m -->
Is it xerox or photocopy of the manuscript, and are all the letters well enough readable?
2)The Aramaic New Testament with Hebrew translation at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... e606506604</a><!-- m -->
is the second one. The 22 books of the book are of the Eastern Peshitta tradition or the western one?
3) Also, the Aramaic dialect in this book is based on what source?
I appreciate You help.
Thank You.
Shlama Sam,

I own a copy of the first one. It is a xerox, and in places is very difficult to read because the manuscript faded or other reasons.

The second one includes the 5 uncanonical books, which were obtained from the 1891 Mosul edition (Chaldean Catholic Church translation.) The original 22 are from the eastern copies of the Peshitta canon.

The Aramaic dialect is the same in the Hebrew book - it
s just the Peshitta written in the Ashuri script rather than in the Estrangelo.
Thank You, Paul,
for Your instant reply and help. I wonder why don't you put the Peshitta which is in word docs that is in your website into Acrobat Reader. I believe that this precious book deserves to be in Acrobat Reader.
Also, this would be great to have the Peshitta in Ashuri letters as well as in Estrangela.
Also, I think that would be great to have audio files of the Peshitta.
...OK...never mind...

No, I think they're great ideas. Will definitely implement the PDF suggestion - as for the audio files, I can start doing some of the more familiar ones (like John 1:1, Lord's Prayer, special requests....but to do the whole thing - whew!)