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Full Version: thanx
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thank you paul u have been most helpful

)wdyyh N
1 Palestinian thanksgiving
2 JBA confession

hwdyyh N
1 JLATg,LJLA thanksgiving
(< Heb.)

Tybw N Tybwt)
1 Palestinian,CPA,Syr,JBA kindness
2 Syr thanks
3 Syr,JBA benefit
4 Syr charity
5 Syr soundness
LS2 270
LS2 V: TaybuwtA)
abs. voc: Taybuw

twdy N twdyt)
1 Syr praise
2 Syr thanks
3 Syr confession
4 Syr sect
5 Syr religion
LS2 296
LS2 v: tawdiytA)