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Shlama Akhi bar-Khela,

*Shaking head saying "When did your opinion of Hadiths change?" <!-- sConfusedarcasm: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sarcasm.gif" alt="Confusedarcasm:" title="Sarcasm" /><!-- sConfusedarcasm: -->

bar-Khela Wrote:From

The biggest disaster in the Islamic world has been the fact that the majority of these Muslims, resort to other books beside the Quran to run their religious life. These books are called Hadiths and Sunna. These are man-made books written about 200 years after the prophet Muhammed's death claiming to be his teachings. They are innovations and lies that harbor all the ignorance and hatred to the human race.
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You're the man, Paul. That's a checkmate. Though I do not use the Hadiths for religious guidance, historians, both Islamic and Western, use them for reference. But yeah, you got me there.
Love you man.
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