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Full Version: You're right Akhi Paul
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Shlama Akhi,

Thanks for pointing out my error here. I have corrected it and made it totally clear that the Edessan group is purely SOC. I think that error crept in due to something Lamsa wrote about Rabbulla only being a bishop and not having the authority to change the Eastern Peshitta which in turn led to poor expression on my part of him being part of a breakaway sect from the COE, as opposed to two separate bodies that used the Peshitta, excepting of course SOC's early changes to Acts 20:28 and Hebrew 2:9 prior to the Philoxenian revision of 508.

My webmaster will put up the revised version hopefully in a week or so, along with some other goodies. Your input--and that of this precious forum--is always greatly appreciated.

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth