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Full Version: The Aramaic pronunciation of Jesus Christ ; Yeshua Messiach ?
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Hello everyone.  Greetings !  Yes my name is Mike.  Thank you all for being here.  It's been a long time.  

What is the phonetic pronunciation of " Jesus Christ " in the Aramaic New Testament , the Peshitta ?  Transliterated - is it not " Yeshua Meshiac " or " Yeshua Messiah " ?  Or is it another way ?  Second , is it the same pronunciation as the original Hebrew or is it slightly different ?  

Also , does the Aramaic New Testament ever transliterate the Hebrew pronunciation within the Aramaic New Testament ?  

Kindly ; 

Thanks so much.
It is difficult to find the threads where this subject has already been treated to an extent, so here are some links:

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Please let us know if they answered some of the questions. :]