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Full Version: AENT 1st Ediiton and other rare Messianic Bibles
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I hope everyone has been doing well! I'm having a friend of mine sell some of the extra versions of the Scriptures I have laying around, many of them collectors editions for the Messianic/Nazarene Judaism or Sacred Name movements. Of particular interest to people of this forum might be a mint 1st edition of Andrew Roth's AENT which has the Estrangela script instead of the Ktav Ashuri script. Also less changes to the text compared to newer editions. I'm going to be selling his books on Aramaic primacy as well for cheaper than usual.

Here's a link to their store,

I also have listed Trimm's rare 1st edition of his Hebraic Roots Version which, if for no other reason, does a good job showing a lot of the textual variants between the Peshitta, Old Syriac, and Hebrew texts.
Both AENT's are gone, there's just the out of print 4th edition large print left. But other rare Messianic editions and versions are still listed for those of that theological perspective here.

I have some brand new copies of Janet Mageira's interlinears, concordance and lexicon that I'll be listing soon as a set as well since those tend to be pretty expensive with the shipping when bought from amazon or LOTW.
All three Janet Magiera Interlinears, the Lexicon, and Word Study Concordance, normally over $200, for $150 for those interested (basically brand new),

Excellent hardback resource!