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Full Version: Article concerning the Evangelion de-Mepharreshe?
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Been looking for over an hour for an article on Rabbulas Evangelion de-Mepharreshe where it was shown it is one of the old Syriac texts (based on the name written on the manuscript). I'm sure someone here knows what I mean?

Thanks a lot!
Peace and Grace from our Lord.
You may wish to compare the article that gregoryfl linked with William Cureton's report per 1858. Preface, page vi treats the ܡܦܪܫܐ-header of Matthew's gospel.
B.t.w, Cureton's opinion that Curetonian Matthew wasn't translated from greek is rare nowadays.
Thanks so much to both of you. gregoryfl, that was exactly what I was looking for. Sestir, your hint is also very valuable to me, as we can easily see how these misconceptions came to be.

May you both be belssed by our Lord.