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Full Version: targums versus Aramaic Tenahk
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Thus is probably answered before but I am not sure.

What is the difference between the Jewish Targums and the Aramaic Tenahk?

THANKS for a reply....

The targums are more of a paraphrase where as the Tanach is more of a literal translation. Kind of like if you were to compare the Message Bible with the NASB.

an additional highlight of the Targums is in comparative studies - pull them out if you're doing deep study on a verse - with the Hebrew, Peshitta AN"K, and the LXX, and you might find some clues to original readings. i've seen some "Janus Parallels" in the Hebrew text that were confirmed by looking at the differing textual witnesses of the Targums. it was like looking at the Greek text of the NT when you come to a variant, and seeing the resolution in the Peshitta! very cool.

Chayim b'Moshiach,