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Full Version: What kind of Aramaic is this?
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Israel Broadcasting Authority recently broadcasts Aramaic radio programme.

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I'm not sure what it says. So which accent is this?
Shlama Havah,

That's the "Lishan d'Noshan" dialect from Arbel, Iraq.

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I also have a question. Did Jesus speak a Western dialect or a Eastern dialect?
Hi Havah

There's no doubt he spoke many dialects. He taught and conversed in Galilee, Samaria, Judea and Syria.

Even today people converse in many different dialects. Even within Eastern and Western dialects there are sub dialects. There are dozens that are still used today.

In the Greek NT, the words that are preserved in Aramaic, are the same in all dialects. So we cannot tell from the Greek NT.

Hi Paul,

Dou you have samples of dialects in the NT?
I have often wondered about the different words used in Matthew. But it also might have a touch of translated dialect by Matthew for instance.

In one case there is a wordplay in Matthew, but in Luke another ARamaic word is used, and the wordplay lacks, but I don't remember the verse.