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Dear beloved family in our Mari,Alaha and Makydoneh Yashua Msheekha, Berek Alaha! I came across the website for this group called Aramaic Bible Translations. I'm not sure if they are still operating as the date on the website said 2006 but they seem to have a very noble service going on which is to translate the ancient Pesitta into the modern Aramaic vernaculars so the common people can read and understand the Peshitta as the modern Aramaen and Syrian Christians cannot understand the ancient classical Aramaic.His Holiness Mar Dinkha wrote a preface for the modern Assyrian translation calling on the faithful to order copies so they can be nourished by the word of Maryah.There are also translations being made in Suryoyo for the Syrian Orthodox faithful which in turn could be used by the Syrian Malankara who can read Suryoyo as well as their vernacular Malayam and for the Lebanese Maronites and the modern Assyrian for the Chaldean church as well as the COE.It would be great if this team of scholars could come together and produce an English Peshitta translation that would be endorsed by the Syriac churches.I know I would appreciate a translation made by any of the true Syriac churches as although we may have some small differances that some turn into large differances unjustly and contrary to the Holy Gospel of our Lord it would be wonderful to have a study edition of the Peshitta coming from the Holy Syrian churches with commentary from the ancient Syrian church fathers and Saints like Aphrahaat,Theodore of Mopsuestia,Diodore of Tarsus,St.Ephrem the Syrian,Narsai,Babai,John of Dalyatha,St.Issac the Syrian,St.John Chrystostom,ect,ect.Whether we are Syrian Orthodox,Syrian Malankara Orthodox,Church of the East,Chaldean church,Maronite,ect we all come from the most ancient of the church and are the direct daughter church of the true original semitic,Judao-Christian,spiritual,mystical,liturgical Holy mother church of Jerusalem and have kept by the power of the Ruach Ha Kodesh the most pure and accurate practice and Orthodox fait h of the original church.We have been entrusted with this pearl of great price and must share it with our western brothers and sisters in Yashua.This group,the Aramaic Bible Translation,could be of great help if they were to unite with the scholars from this site,primarilly with Shamasha Deacon Younan,and make a Syriac Peshitta study bible with commentary from the Syriac,assyrian Saints and Fathers and other important studynotes in the same way the Eastern Orthodox did with the Orthodox study Bible which I own just for the footnotes from the Fathers and the added articles as I only study and read primarilly from the good Pesitta English translations which I own where the OSB is te NKJV for the New Testament and the Old Testament is a fresh translation made by St.Athanatius academy of the Septuagint.
In Yashua,D.Michael-here is a link to the Aramaic bible translation site-
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Dear family in Yashua,Berek Alaha! I just wanted to write in and tell evryone how wonderful Janet Magiera's Messianic Peshitta New Testament Trans is and how properly she has translated and transliterated the proper Divine names for Almighty God-.Maryah,Alaha,Yeshue,Meshikha,Rukha d Qudsha as well as other words like Namusa for the law among many others as well as the names of the apostles,groups,towns,cities,ect.This is exspecially wonderful and most important to me with the proper Aramaic Divine names for God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit.She has been the only translator to have done this accuratley and feel she deserves to be commended for this.Andrew Roth translated and transliterated the Divine names into Hebrew while of course the Peshitta is Aramaic hence the great gift Magiera has blessed us with by using Maryah for the Lord God,Yeshue for our Lord,Meshikha for Messiah,Alaha for God,Rukha d Qudsha for Holy Spirit,ect.I enjoyed her regular Peshitta trans and parralel trans which are very good but her Messianic Trans with the proper Divine names in Aramaic is a wonderful blessing indeed and preserves more faithfully the proper sanctity and Holiness in adressing Almight God in the proper names and Fashion.In Yashua,Deacon Michael.