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Full Version: Nazarene/Nazarenes in Aramaic?
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i know very little about Aramaic, but i have been studying it with books i have ordered off of

i hope that i can find some knowledgeable folks on the language here who could answer questions that arise from time to time. The first that i have is regarding the Aramaic word for Nazarene and Nazarenes. Could you write this in Aramaic script (does that post on the forums? i tried to post Aramaic and it errored out).

Thanks in advance,
Dear Micah in our Mari,Alaha and Makydoneh Yashua Msheekha, Berek Alaha! Alas, I am only a humble student of Aramaic but know it is the proper way to fully appreciate the subtle deeper meanings of our Lord's Holy Gospel and the rest of the New Testament as the Divine teachings came directly from His Holy lips in the Holy Peshitta in the original Aramaic.Nazarene and Nazareth and also Nasranis come from the Aramaic -Hebrew root NZR which can be interpreted as shoot or branch as in Isaiah 11;1-4 and also the word Nazarite which of course is referring to those who took a solemn vow to God to avoid alcohol,cutting their hair,coming near the bodies of the dead,ect. It means to be set apart and Holy,as our Lord was in every way sape and form. It is no coincidence our Lord came from Galilee wich means to reveal and from Nazareth with its root meaning branch or shoot and to be set apart and Holy. It means much more than just the name of the small village in which our Lord was raised as it carries these other appelations which apply to the Holiness of our Lord. I'm sure other beloved members of this family and form will be able to answer more fully. In Yashua,D.Michael.
I used to be able to post in Hebrew script, but I also get an error message now. If you familiarize yourself with the Dukhrana website, you find most of the things you are looking for.

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If you are familiar with how Aramaic reads, you will find that the Aramaic is more like "Notsrath" than it is "Nazareth", and more like "a Notsroy" than it is "a Nazarene". But where I use "o" for the quamets vowel, is more like a long "a", as in "mother" or "brother".
Thank you very much. Those links were quite helpful. Yes, the Syriac Aramic script is what i'm new to. i can read Hebrew script fine. This site had the text though. So it looks like they are written in consonants the same way, singular and plural, no? That is not so unusual, i'm just trying to wrap my head around it. Ge`ez is Semitic and has irregular plurals, as does one dialect of Arabic that became standardized in that language today (some scholars think it was originally a regional form of Aramaic, like Mandaic). In any event, thank you very much.