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Full Version: The NewT "" on this website!
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Shlama everybody,

I am trying to read the "word docs" on this site, but cant make sense of the alphabet used,
can anyone shed light on this for me? I see you have referenced some of this language in
your posts....

Many Thanks

PS it would be useful if the creator /paul had a "contact" page...? I cant find it.

From the front page go to Introduction>Fonts and install Estrangelo.
Hi thanks for your reply, I did do that but it didnt change the writting into anything new?

I have installed Estrangelo, its in my fonts package. but no change..

any thoughts?

In your Windows C:WINDOWS\Fonts folder you must have the file ESTRANG2.TTF that creates the font Estrangelo(V1.1)(TrueType)

In the Introduction, Fonts, click on Estrangelo and save the file ESTRANG2.ttf to your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder.

Then look at the Fonts folder list for the font Estrangelo(V1.1)

You must have that font to read the Aramaic text.