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Full Version: Janet Magiera's 'Messianic' Translation
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I have noticed that in Janet Magiera's Messianic translation, that sometimes (quite a bit actually) that she avoids words that sound to "New King Jamish", and she substitutes other words, and really this translation sounds like "a modern translation", except for the transliterated Syriac words, of course.

This isn't a BAD thing really, it just came across that a lot of this translation sounds a bit like the NKJV with more modernized, updated language.

Maybe, Jan Magiera is kind of "updating" George Lamsa's work, she was his student for many years after all, and this is what came out.

I was just wondering if anyone else had felt or noticed this, in their reading of Magiera's 'Messianic' translation.

Check it out, and see what you think.

I actually like this translation a lot, except her using "Yeshue" for Yeshua.

Since there is a Jewish acronymn (spelling) that use's "Yeshu" ("Let his name be blotted out from the Book of Life, and remembered no more"), or "May his name and memory be obliterated".......something like that, if I remember correctly.
I feel that this might have been a poor choice for His Name by Ms. Magiera.

Syriac Questioner
SyriacQuestioner, can you tell me if Janet's messianic translation uses Alaha/Eloah/Elohim or God? And also what does she use in the place of Mar-YaH?
She uses Alaha and Marya. You can see some sample pages on amazon and check it out for yourself. There is no Hebrew but only Aramaic transliterations.
Thanks Luc, I like it when they transliterate Mar-YaH.

I 'll put this one on my list of Scriptures to get, awmain.
I think I might get this and her "Christian" translation. Along with her Interlinear. It'd be better if her Interlinear NT was in one volume!
View an Electronic edition of Magiera's [Christian] Aramaic Peshitta New Testament (2006) @:

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Awesome find, Tex...some hard to find translations there.
Thirdwoe do you have Magiera's (Christian) APNT in print?

If so how does she render MarYa in Colossians 3:24?

The online edition has "the Lord" while every where else she has "the LORD".

I am wondering if this is just an online typo being in her Messianic version she has Yahuah consistently as well as in her MGI translation she has Marya throughout.

Just wondering why in the online edition of this one verse it is different.
Thirdwoe Wrote::

Awesome find, Tex...some hard to find translations there.
No kdding, they even have old editions of popular versions (like the NASB 1977). Fantastic find! And for Magiera, it's great, becuase although I have her at home, I'm not often at home, so online resources make great for quick study here and there.

Tex, in the print editions of Colossians 3:24 it reads "for you serve the LORD the MESSIAH".
Luc Lefebvr Wrote:in the print editions of Colossians 3:24 it reads "for you serve the LORD the MESSIAH".
So it was just an online typo. Magiera is consistent.
Yeah, the Messianic version says the same thing:

"And know that from our Lord you will receive a reward in the inheritance, for you serve Marya Meshikha."- Colossians 3:24