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Full Version: Questions about James 5: 19-20.
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James 5: 19-20 from Lamsa is:

19 My brethren, if any of you do err from the way of the truth, and some one converts him from his error,
20 Let him know that he who converts a sinner from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death and shall wipe out a multitude of sins.

My question is about the possessive pronouns "his" in verse 20. I think the first "his" refers to the person who is corrected" while the second "his" may refer to the one who has done the correcting.

From the Critical Greek version the second "his" is translated "the sinner's" rather than the uncertain"his".

I'd appreciate an opinion about the Peshitta text of verses 19 and 20.


shlomo Otto,

The second "His" seems to be linked to the person who did the correcting.

push bashlomo,
THANKS. That's what I thought.