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Full Version: Janet Magiera's new Peshitta publications
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Janet Magiera has released quite a few new products for Peshitta studies. These can be bought at amazon, Barnes & Noble or The Mustard Seed Bookstore (her own distributor I think?).

Among these include a Messiac version of her translation (Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation). While I do like her translation a lot for it's "readibility", it must be remembered that her work is translated from the UBS Syriac which includes readings & material that were not part of the original Peshitta. Also her translation has retained some of the errors which Murdock & Etheridge didn't correct & which Lamsa didn't pick up (eg: she still translates "gowra" in Mt. 1:16 as "husband"). The Messianic version doesn't include her notes, and while all proper names are transliterated from Aramaic, she seems to toggle between the Eastern & Western pronunciations so there's a bit of inconsistancy here.

While I think her Parallel Translations will not be of much use (it's simply the KJV, Murdock & her translation in 3 separate colums), her Dictionary Number Lexicon & Word Study Concordance are arguably the most user friendly available in print to date. She seems to have based these on the lexicon she created for BibleWorks, which I have and find very easy to use. Most impressive (for me) is her 3 volume Vertical Interlinear. I think this is a great concept - very easy on the eye and usually when I copy from interlinears I tend paste them in vertical format.