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Full Version: Uploading Pictures from Computer file
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From time to time I have wanted to upload a picture from my computer to What is the precise format. I've tried the Img, but nothing appears when I cut and paste.

Shlama Akhi,

The graphic can't be more than 256 KiB unless +Shamasha Paul changes this in the admin settings.

Scroll Click "Upload Attachment"
Browse to find the graphic on your pc.
Add a comment if you wish.
Click "Add the file"

You can then click on "Place inline" so it shows up in your forum post but I think it does it by default.

Don't forget to click "Submit" to post your message.

Ya'aqub Younan-Levine
Shlama Akhi Yaaqub:
This is Luke 24:1, page 82a-First Column-11th line, showing that the Crawford Codex shows ?????????????? b'khadb'shaba is one word vis-a-vis ?????????????? b'khad b'shaba in the Khabouris Codex.

Crawford Codex reads ??????????????
Khabouris Codex reads ???????????? ????????????????
This picture is posted under the auspices of the MS-2 Affiliate in cooperation with John Rylands University Library, Manchester England, Special Collections Division.

Stephen Silver
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Shlama Akhi,

Looks good. One thing, the UBBCode for the img usually needs to be in one line (without spaces) and it requires a full/direct link with the http on it when pulling a graphic in from anywhere.

[Image: rel-acoe.gif]

Not like this:
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and not like this