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Full Version: Different Aramaic words for 'Temptation'? What do they mean?
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The New Testament mentions several times the word 'temptation' or 'trial' I know that it is said, they have different meaning, but what's the aramaic meaning of the following words (I might spell incorrectly, sorry for that)

*amnase (same as above?)

Why? I'm trying to understand, the words in the prayer of Jesus, that we should ask God not to be led in 'temptation' but I simply cannot imagine, why we should ask this as if God 'tempts' (And James (1:13) said that God does not tempt)

Jesus told us to pray, that God does not lead us in temptation...
The aramaic word is lnesyuwna
Related texts are
Luke 22:40,46;Luke 11:4;Marc 14:38;Matthew 26:41;Matthew 6:13

Then, there is Trial... (???)
based on the Aramaic word Metnase
James 1:13,14 and Marc 1:13 speaks about it.

But, where can I place / understand the word, that James used when he said: "God does not tempt?"
based on the Araamic word 'mnasay'

And Matthew 4:3 speaks about the 'tempter' approached and the Aramaic word is d amnase`.

QUESTION: What are the differences in meaning of these words?

The english words are the same (temptation), but the Aramaic words differ.