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Full Version: Prayer Request
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I would ask for your prayers of protection for my wife Sandy and myself, we are being cursed by a coven or two of "wiccans".

One of whom is here on this list.

I have overcome physical death twice in the last month or so from health problems.

And as Ryan asked you, I ask you to please pray for my health, and for the continued saftey of my wife Sandy.

I'm NOT a believer that MOST wiccans can do much magically, but there are other witches who CAN.

I will NOT be chased from this List, by anyone, period.

Nor by any threats of death.

I am NOT really scared, but prayers from the List family here would be appreciated.

I think that I've got at least another 20 years lift on my meter, and I intend to run it out (lol).

Love of Messiah to you all, Albion