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Full Version: Aramaic Translation & Transliteration
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Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua,

My name is Ipe Mathews, originally from India, settled in Canada and now stationed in the Middle East. I am quite new to this site. Let me come straight to the point. I am in the workshop of a book entwining ancient history that spans from 6 BC to AD 64, the story of Jesus and a parallel fictional story that has supposedly occurred during those years.

To create the ambience of antiquity, I have used quite a lot of ancient words ??? a hybrid of Hebrew, Aramaic and a few Greek expressions in the book. The challenge I face is, I do not know any of these languages. All I have done is borrowing the words from lexicons. I still have 22 sentences comprising about 200 words left to be translated into Aramaic and then transliterated in English language.

Could an Aramaic scholar come to my help? Another area I face is handling the irregular plurals. If I list a word of singulars in Aramaic, could someone provide me with their plurals?

I really would be grateful at this juncture when I am editing and finalizing the book which is expected to come out early next year.

In his service,