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Full Version: Brazilian Aramaic site & blog
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Anyone here who can read Portuguese? If so, you'll enjoy these two links:

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Be blessed & Shlama,
Oi Cristina, foi eu quem criou este site e blog,
obrigafo pela visita no sita.

Hi Christina, was I who created this site and blog,
thanks by the visit in my site.

Shlama Nyu,

Though I can't understand Portuguese, I like your site & blog a lot, lot's of very nice features. I see you're posting the entire Peshitta Bible (including the Tanakh), that's fanatastic, thanks for that! I will be visiting your site & blog to keep up to date.

Keep up the good work akhi,

In Yeshua Maran,
Shalma Rafa,

And here's a "Semitic NT" in Portuguese (or is it Spanish?) by a Nazarene Assembly:

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I'm not sure if it's the Peshitta, but I think it is.

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Christina Shlama

Thank you, for love, and is the will to visit my links of Aramaic more times =)

E obrigado tamb??m Rafa pelo apoio.

shlama d'Maran

Great resource! Thank you!