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sean Wrote:To Raph, hoping you are well. I have been reading the bible for thirty years, you don't know me from a bar of soap.
Don't be so quick to judge your brothers, especially those you hardly know. I have probably not read Leviticus fully through, as far as I can remember I have read all the other books in the bible. In short many christians do read their bibles.
I believe in the bible, and in God, you don't. So I suppose there will always been different beliefs between you and myself.
If you want to correct something I have written, feel free. I am open to correction.

You may be surprised to know that Leviticus 19 is the source from which our LORD Yeshua quoted "love your neighbour as your self" and the parameters surrounding its proper understanding. Moreover Leviticus 19 is the very middle of the Torah.

Stephen Silver
Dukhrana Biblical Research
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lol, you demolish William Lane Craig's arguments? why don't you debate him? I am sure he is more than willing and able to falsify the rubbish that you are regurgitating. He has destroyed atheists in his debates, atheists whom actually have a copious amount of knowledge at their dispense.

Your intellectual honesty is absurd and merely represents the views of many fundamental atheists whose views have been squashed by both conservative and liberal biblical scholars.

No serious scholar doubts the existance of Jesus of Nazareth, again, no SERIOUS scholar doubts that a man existed who had a following by the name of Jesus. Your views are held only by a fringe minorty, employed although unknowlingly, by satan and every demonic force that protrates to him. Whether you like to believe it or not, you are now an adversary of Christ and an enemy of the Church.

To be sure, no one person in antiquity enjoys the vaste expanse of writing as those attributed to Jesus. It is amazing that anything has survived that refers to him, your opinions and heresay do nothing to prove the fact that Jesus is Lord and Saviour, every prophecy, every word, every action speak of Him as being our creator. For you to come here and start derailing the faith of others with so called heresay disguised as proof is low and I ask that you be banned from here.

I am sorry that you have lost your faith (or that satan snatched it from you), but do not come here trying to discredit our God because your intellectual pride has gotten in the way, do not come here and force your views down our throats and try to derail our faith, we are content, joyful and mourn for our sins and we await our Lord and Savior to come and resuce us from the world, satan and people like yourself. Maranitha!

Alan G from the Church of the East Sydney.
Alan G77 Wrote:lol, you demolish William Lane Craig's arguments? why don't you debate him?
Nothing to win here, Raphael left when his walls of belief started trembling. i guess we won't hear much from him anymore. Also, if you ask me, after talking to him, i am convinved he was never really a christian, and he never believed any more in God and the Bible than in santa clause. At least, that would explain his wilful turning away from the Bible. As you correctly stated, his opinions are very far from true scholarship, and i cannot honestly believe that someone that is interested in believeing can accept such ideas without re-checking the issues.

I first found your compilation in 2004, I believe. Thanks for your time and effort. I have read your books and arguments with interest, and at the very least you seem adept at gathering information.

Publicly I will not make extensive comment on your change in beliefs, because as a believer anything I say might come across as condescending... I will say I wish everyone peace & wellness, and that we will all end up exactly where we ought in the overall order of things.


-Raymond Ramlow
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